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To start your own online TV channel, the most important thing is having really good content. If you’re a pro, you can figure out where the content quality could be better and why.

The benefits include making your content easy for viewers to access. It becomes the best place to watch the newest movies, TV shows, and live sports, kind of like an OTT platform. This is how you create online TV channels that give viewers a top-notch experience on all their devices.

In the end, people subscribe to these platforms because they want the absolute best entertainment quality. Let’s take a closer look at this.

What is Online TV Streaming Channel?

Streaming is watching TV or listening to podcasts on Internet-connected devices. While streaming, the media file of the client device is stored remotely and transmitted a few seconds over the Internet.

In general, the streaming hardware works in the same way it connects to the Internet (via Wi-Fi or Ethernet) and TV (via HDMI), streaming content from channels can be free or require a monthly subscription. We can browse through channels directly on our TV screen via a remote.

How to set up the TV for streaming

To set up your TV for streaming, we need a secure internet connection device to stream.

The Stranger Things is out-of-control cable bill, and there are lots of reasons to add some streaming to your TV diet. 

Now – a – days it’s becoming harder and harder to watch TV without streaming. 

In 2019 there were more scripted TV shows on streaming services than broadcast in basic cable. 

Where can I use TV streaming channels?

Streaming means playing a video over an internet connection using a web browser or an app, on a wide range of devices.   

These can add Android and Apple smartphones and tablets, with laptops, smart TVs, games consoles and internet devices, such as Apple TV and Google Chromecast. 

To find out devices you can use with each service, head through to our guides:

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Apple TV 
  • BritBox
  • Disney Plus 
  • Netflix  
  • Now TV
Fast Internet

A better streaming experience begins with your internet connection. In our guide to internet speeds, we suggest some streaming types.

To stream videos in standard definition (SD)

To stream videos in high definition (HD)

To stream videos in HDR or 4K

Streaming devices- like Roku and Amazon Fire TV price around $40, plug into your TV’s HDMI port and give you access to each streaming service possible. The breadth of streaming apps accessible to draw; while your active TV might not have HBO Now built-in, for instance, every primary streaming device makes. They also present an easy-to-navigate interface and the capability to search for titles across every streaming service. 

Smart TVs are the most common method for Americans to access streaming services over 27% using this way. If you bought a TV in the past ten years, chances are it’s reflected “smart” that is, it combines the Internet and has streaming apps built-in. Accidentally, it might not have each app you want, and there’s often no way to add new ones.

Gaming consoles are another general method of streaming, but it’s a secondary use. If you don’t previously have one, it’s not worth spending the $300+ to stream video.

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How To Start Your Own Online TV Channel

Start Your Own Online TV Channel

Plugin your streaming device

If you are already using a smart TV, you can skip down to step two. Virtually all streaming devices plug into your TV’s HDMI port and usually a power socket as well. Initially, you have to plug in the machine, switch your TV over to the HDMI data you are utilizing and start following the instructions that appear on the screen.

Connect to the Internet

Once you’ve plugged in your streaming device, you need to sign in to your home’s Wi-Fi network. Some devices like Amazon’s Fire TV and Google’s Chromecast Ultra also can combine directly to your internet modem utilizing an Ethernet cable. It generally gives a more secure connection, so you’ll feel less buffering on your streams.

Log in to streaming apps.

The streaming services like Netflix and Hulu will come pre-installed onto your smart TV or streaming device. Still, if you need to see a more corner service like Shudder or The Criterion Channel, you’ll probably have to install it yourself.

Find something to watch

Two main types of services available: 

Live and on-demand. 

Live TV streaming settings are like cable replacements, the same channels, have the same advertisements, and you pay a premium compared to various streaming services. On-demand streaming co-operations like Hulu and Netflix don’t have any live content; you can watch their shows and movies whenever you want.

On-demand streaming services

These are the most familiar categories of streaming assistance by far. It generally costs around $10 come with a seven-day free trial and gives you entrance to a thousand TV shows and movies. We suggest checking out our complete lead to these streaming services, but here are some of the most popular ones.

Did you know that the recent survey found that the world’s largest streaming TV service Netflix it has around 192.95 million subscribers as of July 2020.

Cable replacements are settings that stream live TV through your internet connection. They cost around $60, and are often a significant affordable chance to cable. An added perk is that contracts are month-to-month, so you can eliminate anytime if you’re unhappy with your service.

Free streaming services

While streaming services generally place a cheaper option to traditional TV, costs can still get great fasting. Luckily, there are dozens of free streaming services now that have some surprisingly good selections. 

How to Build Your Streaming Service App

Step 1. Find your niche

The first thing to decide what content your app will stream to the user to give you a clue on niche we collected various things below

  • Entertainment. Netflix and HBO are entertainment streaming services.
  • Fitness. People would like to pay for a subscription to have access to fitness-related videos anytime like yoga, dance training etc. enhance the audience.
  • Education. People mostly like to watch videos, rather than reading, you can choose from many sub-niches, like magic tricks, cake making to attract a specific audience. 
Step 2. Decide on the content availability

The content is the base of your on-demand streaming service; you want to decide what your content will be. 

If you want to interact with video publishers, you want to get a licence for public display. There are two main ways to deal:

  • Engaging a movie from the approved publisher with licences
  • Communicating the copyright holder 

Both options depend on business purposes. If you accept the first option, you might contact one of two leading approved publishers in the USA: 

For the second option, you want to get in touch with the studio, which is the rightful holder of specific content. 

Step 3. Determine the monetization model 

For your advanced on-demand video service, you can select three modes of video monetization

Pay-Per-View is the straightforward pricing design; it means the user pays for each video to view. You can implement this model if you want to acquire a platform to broadcast performances, sales shows, organizations, or sports events, like boxing and MMA.

Advertising. You can carry other corporations for running video advertisements on your program. Still, this monetization policy would only work if your platform will become famous among users.

Subscription. As you remember, Netflix uses this monetization approach. Besides, the support model may have a licensed broadcaster. Users are required a monthly fee to obtain the content library. We can use this monetization system if you will regularly publish new content on your platform.  

Step 4. Read the video streaming app requirements

Internet speed

Internet speed changes the platform capability to stream on-demand videos. The least internet speed to stream regular description movies is more than 2 Mb/s (megabits per second). But to distribute HD, 3D or 4K, your Internet speed needs to be much higher. Let us compare the Netflix example. 

Cloud hosting and computing architecture

For keeping video content, we suggest using cloud hosting platforms because cloud hosting has the following benefits:

  • Cloud hosting programs are flexible and improve the amount of space automatically. 
  • Such programs provide quick access to video content. 
  • Cloud hosting plans are cheaper than hard drives.

An on-demand video platform needs complex architecture. As your business grows, the complexity of your design will only increase. Finally, it will help you to think about your platform scaling. In this way, you can avoid complex data migrations.  

Also, you can use cloud computing abilities for many services, including: 

  • Search engine
  • Support system
  • A\B testing
  • Streaming service
  • Caching architecture 

Recently, we received a cloud dataflow for the DNA Sequencing app. We determined the problems with the data alteration speed by applying data processing and sequential storage of incoming data.

Network connectivity

If your online streaming program does not overgrow, consider that it will scale up in the future. To achieve this, you should combine a content delivery network to your service. The content delivery network (CDN) distributes videos to subscribers via a server network. CDN implements your streaming app into a scalable method to handle significant traffic.


You need to consider content security from unapproved access over customer devices. To assure that your video streaming help is secure, consider the following:

  • Network event gives 24/7 monitoring and content availability in the case of a server crash.
  • Token safety limits access to the videos of a 3rd-party source out your approval.
  • Domain constraint locks content to a specific domain. Thanks to this characteristic, other users cannot see the inserted link in the source code and insert it into another platform or website.
  • Geographical limitation prohibits specific areas due to licensing agreements.
  • Watermarking gives an additional level of live stream security. 

Payment gateway 

To provide your users with several payment options, you can use the following popular payment solutions: 

Stripe, which helps support services, has premade UI segments and an API-first strategy to customize the payment gateway for your platform. 

Check Out that support payment via Visa, Discover, MasterCard, JCB, PayPal, or other credit/debit cards.

PayPal Payments Pro allows creating and hosting your checkout pages for complete control.

Braintree. This payment gateway performs in over 40 countries and accepts payments in more than 150 currencies.

Step 7. Generate an on-demand streaming service MVP 

The last part is how to start an online video streaming business is the development platform. During this step, you must define working and non-functional requirements, set timelines, and think about the plan.

Pay extra care to your intended platform design since seamless user experience is the key to Netflix success. The platform requires an intuitive user interface. Thus, users can quickly operate films and shows, create “lists,” search by genre, actor, director, and so on. 

Step 8. Collect feedback 

After the MVP launch, you need to collect user feedback from your platform. First, you want to find out how they like the current features. Then, you can ask them what characteristics they would like to continue your on-demand video service. This step will support you to know the experience of real users with your service. You can collect user feedback in several ways:

  • Email survey.
  • Social media. 
  • Pools. 

If you have an idea about starting a streaming tv channel, Schedule a free demo and we’ll help you implement it!

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ):

How do I start a TV channel on the internet?

When initiating your online TV channel, begin by addressing both front-end and back-end platform requirements. Utilize a Content Management System (CMS) to manage streaming content securely and efficiently. Ensure unlimited content delivery with a robust bandwidth. Additionally, consider whitelabeling the platform entirely and utilize user analytics to monitor channel views, demographics, and build Return on Investment (ROI).

What are the essential features needed for an online TV channel?

Essential features for a customized online TV channel include Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), Global Content Delivery Network (CDN), End-To-End Video Analytics, Time-Shifted Programming capabilities, Lifetime Platform Ownership, and Flexible Deployment options.

How can I monetize online TV channels and make money?

You can monetize online TV channels through various strategies such as Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD), Ad-Supported Video on Demand (AVOD), Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD) or Pay-Per-View, Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI), and promotional offers like coupons. Optimize revenue by strategically positioning branded content according to marketing strategies using subscribed Over-The-Top (OTT) channels.

How much does it cost to create an online TV channel?

The cost of creating an online TV channel depends on factors like equipment, technological infrastructure, audience demographics, and market analysis. Careful consideration of these factors, along with selecting the right business model and incorporating path-breaking features, is crucial for determining investment wisely during the launch phase of online-based TV stations.


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