5 Top Features to Work on While Developing Video On-demand Apps

video on demand app features

Most people are proficient in digitalization with the technological advancements they have adept. With a set of content available online, people have switched from television content to the videos that are available online. These video streaming platforms enable users to watch their favorite videos even while traveling. This benefit has elevated the standards of online videos, overall among the youth.

With a popular demand for such platforms, companies are approaching with ideas to invest in a video streaming app. Before moving ahead with such apps, firms should consider the below-listed points so that they stay ahead of the rest in developing Video On Demand Apps.

User Registration

This is one of the basic features when it comes to video streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu., Registration helps the admin and the users to get time to information about the renewal of the app. It upgrades the customers about fresh videos or movies that are newly added to that app. So, such features as user registration must be simple to use for users.

Search functionality

If the user desires to watch any specific video but do not know where the video is and how to find it, then the search feature comes to work. Let the user search through the whole database for playing a specific video. Ideally, keep filters for searching by location, broadcast topic, date, length of the video, genres, language, and most-watched, etc. If the user gets what he/she is looking for in a few seconds, it will indeed leave a positive impact.

Geolocation Tracking

Geolocation is a huge addition to any video on-demand application. Users will be able to notice broadcasts according to their region. It gives the user to select which broadcasts to watch from the map itself. The live video streaming software development team can also mark markers in the map in a range around the user’s current location to show who is live broadcasting in that region. Show the live ones in blue and inactive ones in red. Though, one can customize the look anytime

Video Streaming

This is the important proverb of this kind of app, so try to perform every single detail possible. Regularly do the streaming from an external server and maintain the app as thin as possible. The broadcasting stream passes through the server to the user device and keeps there until the user is viewing it. After the use, it is automatically deleted from the server-side. The server will change the broadcast and will execute the transmission to the application. Cloud servers are necessary for video.

Push Notifications

Push notification has now been a crucial part of every video streaming mobile app development. It assists the users to stay notified of all the current happening without being on the app all the time. Hence, when their preferred broadcaster starts streaming something he/she will get a push notification on the device for the same without missing anything. Along with that, App Developers can also implement a scheduling feature. conferring the flexibility to schedule a future broadcast will create the app more interactive.

With the launch of videos on demand apps, the entertainment industries have proficient fast growth. Many businesses are now coming up with video streaming ideas and asking app developers to design feature-loaded Video On-demand Apps. If you are looking down on app ideas related to video on demand, Get in touch with us for solutions on Video streaming App Development


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