What is B2B Ecommerce Marketplace?


B2B” Stands for “Business to Business“. Whereas Business to Business platform is the place where dealings between the existing two businesses takes place. Two businesses can be anyone such as manufacturer and wholesaler or wholesaler and retailer. A wholesaler can buy products from the manufacturer directly for their business. Or a retailer can buy products from the wholesaler and sell the products to the customers. The advantage in Business to Business process is when the wholesaler purchase bulk order from the manufacturer, subsequently the wholesaler will be getting discount from the manufacturer for purchasing bulk order. Next, to gain revenue wholesaler will set additional price for every product and sell it to the retailer or to the customers. Likewise, in online business also B2B takes place. B2B marketplace is where goods and services can procure from several suppliers. Alibaba, IndiaMart, TradeIndia are examples for B2B marketplace.

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