6 Latest trends of iOS App Development in 2018

Nowadays iOS apps are more in demand. There are lots of things recently launched by iOS app development company. Nearly latest technologies applied by the Apple in iPhone and iPad. For e.g. iBeacon is the device which is considering as IoT for building superior apps and user effortlessness. There are retailers using the iBeacon devices and increasing their business one step up in current period.

Here are some latest trends of iOS app development are listed below :

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality When iOS 11 was launched with substantial features; the most talked-about feature was their support to Augmented Reality applications. Amazon stated the Sumerian app platform which is compatible with Apple’s AR Kit system which allows iOS application developer to form augmented reality, virtual reality and 3D applications for iPad and iPhone devices.

Massive enterprises have effectively made big investments in the development of the framework for augmented reality and virtual reality applications. We can expect that we would see an increase in number of iOS applications based on the idea of augmented reality

Beacons Technology

In this technology, a developer does not require to have an extra authorize. You want to get start work included in the iOS SDK. Beacon Technology is an offering technology authorizing new location consciousness possibilities for apps. It helps to merge online and offline differences for event management, finance, and retail sectors. This technology integrated into kitchen appliances, lighting, washing machines and much more. That will illustrate the information about a nearby shopping mall, restaurant to the users.

iOS Enterprise

Nowadays Apple’s iPad and iPod are very valuable for enterprises and business applications. The high spot days of iPad in 2014 are long gone now. iOS app development will enlarge with big data, IOT and enterprise mobile app. The android has always won the battle of volumes as compared to iOS. But iOS wins with great revenue generation from its quality of devices and functionality in it.

Wearable and IoT Technologies

Wearable Technology conveys a revolution in the way you do multiple commissions. IoT has progressed from the junction of wireless technologies, micro-electronic system, micro devices and the internet. The convergence has assisted eradicate the barrier between operational technology and information technology that permits unstructured machine-generated data to be examined and will drive improvements. IoT and wearable technologies are the new trends in iOS app development.

Cloud based application

The cloud-based application is more beneficial for the iOS developers to share app on cloud computing. That will assist to iOS developers to sync their app across different platforms in cloud computing. The limitations of space storage can utilize cloud storage to support extra data. Cloud computing offer features like social networking and location-based security tools. The wearable devices need cloud support to access the app information. Online games require handling huge incoming data on servers. Cloud computing is the solution to maintain data effectively.

Core Machine Learning

Another iOS app development trend of 2018 is Core ML and is also referred to as Core Machine Learning. This machine learning framework was launched by Apple. It is efficacious in executing the tasks linked to Camera or Quick Type. Now, app developers just have to add in few codes in order to bolster the security of an app and also to make it feature rich.

The Core Machine Learning presents a level of communication which is applicable to all the iOS devices due to its strong library. What’s more, it will also offer help as far as face detection is concerned. It enables to understand language and thus the developers will be able to build hugely interactive apps with the aid of AI-based algorithms.

So basically, Core Machine Learning is a game-changing proposition particularly in reference to gaming apps.

The above mentioned are the latest trends of iOS app development which can be considered by the developers. For more queries, contact our expertise.


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    iOS app development market is vast and it has tough competitions. Thanks for sharing this informative post about latest trends in technology.

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