8 Must follow Effective E-mail marketing strategy Tips for Ecommerce Store

E-mail marketing is a best effective way drive traffic , Before stepping ahead with E-mail marketing tips its important to use  E-mail marketing software . The effective  E-mail marketing tips mostly requires integration between your shopping cart and e-mail list, automation as well as list segmentation .E-mail marketing is very much  highly essential as well as  effective for ecommerce marketing . Most effective E-mail marketing strategic tips are as follows

1. Incentivize customers to Review the product They’ve bought via Email:

customers to Review the product via Email

Product Reviews are the important aspects here is an example of Argos, They found that the products with Reviews had a 10%  higher conversion  rate than those products without positive Reviews , This was found after running an email based review promotion on 90000 products .There is an other example of  Figleaves also noticed similar improvement , they found 83.9% increase in conversions on products with 20+ reviews. This is one of the best way to encourage customers and gather best positive reviews.

2. Use A/B testing to optimize open & click through rates :

A/B testing to optimize open & click through rates

A/B testing is a process of testing the impact of a single isolated variable at a time .This is a experimenting process where we creating multiple variation of either the subject line or body content to identify which one has the highest engagement or conversion rate.

Here is an example representing how A/B testing plays a major role in conversion rate.

Barack Obama’s team found the difference inn donations generated through A/B testing experiments , where as one subject line generated $403,600 and another variation generated$25,40,866.

A/B testing works best when you set up as an automated personalized emails that’s scheduled to go out to customers a few days after they receive their product .

3. Set Up cart Abandonment Emails to identify Bugs & Improve checkout conversions :

Optimizing cart and checkout abandonment is the best effective way to focus on when it comes to conversion rate optimization . If a customer selects a particular item or product and adds them to cart then they are your potential customers.

Set Up Cart Abandonment Emails To Identify Bugs & Improve Checkout Conversion Rate

You must use email marketing to reduce cart abandonment. you can reduce cart abandonment through the usage of automated email software , which detects whether the user has added the item to the cart or checkout page , but not your confirmation or thank you page .When this process is completed an email can be sent to your customers . Only when you have previously gathered your customer database which includes their email id .

4. Reward your most loyal Customers :

Reward Your Most Loyal Customers

Rewarding loyal customers is an effective tips since loyal customers are the representatives for most ecommerce websites .Loyal customers plays an important role in 80/20 relationship between customer and total revenue. The large portion of revenue is generated through loyal customers.

Here is an example stating why to reward loyal customers.

Howard’s storage worlds segmented and categorized their customer into five different categories based on engagement and loyalty they found increase in their short term revenue by $ 250,000.

5. Reactivate your Dormant Customers :

Reactivating dormant customers is more effective than Rewarding your loyal customers, since the result from the semi dormant customer base were more impressive and interesting than the loyal customers. The basic steps to be followed to achieve this objective are to first segment your customers by loyalty and target them with relevant campaigns. The second step is to focus on dormant customers is sometimes more profitable than incentivizing loyal active customers. To take this process further, you must automate this whole process using event-based triggers.

Here is an example to make this process smoother and effective

If a customer spends 25% above your average order value , add them to a sequence of ‘ reward’ emails .If a customer hasn’t  purchased anything within 12 months , you must create a ‘reactivation sequence’ to incentivize them to make another purchase.

6. Be prepared for product seasonality and Retail Holidays with a Newsletter Calendar:

Every marketer must ensure to step ahead from competition and be unique among their demand creation . Very often marketers end up writing their valentines day campaigns on Feb13th and their hallowween campaigns on October 30th. One of the essential way to step ahead and stand out of crowd is to build 12 months newsletter calendar that builds the both retail holidays and product seasonality . There are many email marketing tools are available its advisable to opt for a free email marketing tool called trello. Trello is completely different from other tools ,since it has many unique features  as follows :

  • Members can easily add suggestions for future campaigns
  • Set automatic remainders

7. Search and Re-apply :

Searching and Re-applying is one of the best tips for every marketer to target the right audience. Best idea for targeting  right audience can be done by  creating a separate Gmail account and subscribe to the email lists of all of your competitors and online stores in your niche .There are different software as well to track competitors email eg : Mailchart, these customer tracing need not be done only with direct compitetors ,  also you should track websites which has same audience  or customers as your audience. You can  experiment A/B testing with different variations like timing of email with the prizes offered etc to get the maximum number of product Reviews .

8. Take your email marketing beyond the inbox :

Taking your email marketing beyond the inbox means to make your customer experience the luxurious marketing tactics. Over the next few years many ecommerce companies vision is to combine their email marketing with related social advertising.

Here is an amazing statistics stating the increase in their subscription and purchase,  a leading retailer in US targeted 925,000 email subscribers with both regular emails and facebook ads . He found that subscribers who received both are 22% , this group who received both email and facebook ad are most likely to make purchase than those group who received only email.


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