8 steps to build your educational video subscription platform?

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Learning through Internet Technology is having a wider reach & popularity among Students, Faculties and Educational Institutions. Also, we can get practical knowledge and information from online courses, websites & experimental videos. In fact, E-Learning sites and Online Educational platforms making more profits and develop business opportunities in this industry.

In classrooms, We can attach smart screens for displaying video contents just like overlayed periodic tables & whiteboards. Webnexs Solution focuses on furnishing educational videos in an effective way and narrates to build your own educational video subscription platform.


Record your educational content:

Recording your content is the first step in publishing your platform. Content can be in live/recorded, experimental wise, pre-record it properly. This will take time to capture the best content with clear quality. Ensure about the high standard cameras, Microphones, good lighting, and other equipment.

Upload in OVP and Organize video with CMS:

After recording, You have to upload the video contents. Online Video Platforms (OVP) provide specialized ways to easily upload your videos in a huge volume of servers. 

Next, we have to arrange these videos using the Content Management System(CMS). It commonly includes the structure of categories, tags, and playlists to help organize your content. Also, you can bundle the video content into “Collections.It encourages viewers to purchase the video contents in collection wise for acquiring multiple videos.

Personalize branding and transcode to adaptive delivery:

When uploading was done, its time to tailor-make the contents. Make visible of your content by creating Branding. Utilizing a white-label OVP permits you to design all the branding associated with your video player. With this, You can change the colors, logo, symbol, etc.

After personalizing branding, transcode your video contents properly. Transcoding makes multiple interpretations of the video files. Whenever viewers can stream the video content, the adaptive delivery system will recognize the internet speed & automatically deliver the best video quality. 

Add chapter markers and closed captions:

Attach Chapter markers and closed captions for your video contents. Closed captions serve the viewers who are physically challenged and not able to watch your content. Inserting closed captions for your videos is possible with effective OVP. 

Chapter markers are also used for separating longer videos into shorter & cluster segments. The video player guides the viewers to spot the segments for steering around the videos completely. 

Implant videos in custom portal or websites:

Put your overall video contents on the targeted custom portal or websites. Fixing your videos on the website is quite a simple process. Also, You can use the Application Program Interface (API) video platform for creating customized mobile apps, automatically generating a set of playlists on your video portals.

Provide security features :

Ensure about the protection of your video contents from freebooting and theft issues. Implement your security features effectively. It includes domain restrictions, limits the videos on specific websites that can be embedded. For key security, Use AES encryption highlights cryptography to secure your videos against blocking and hacking.

Monetize with subscription packages:

Monetizing your video content is the ultimate goal of every platform provider. Profits from online educational platforms are recently generating more revenues. An effective monetization approach requires Video subscription sites. Subscriptions are properly packaged with multiple sets of content. Payments can be made on a weekly, monthly, half-yearly & annual basis.

Get Results:

Publish your video’s content and start the promotional activity. The final step is to examine the results. An analytics tool supports tracking & getting information about your videos watched by the global viewers. It also finds the type of contents, time spending of contents, device information, geographical locations and more made by the viewers.

It helps you to compute, grow, expand, and increase your efforts in the future development of online educational opportunities. 


Learning is a continuous process. With this Internet tech-learning, we can improve our knowledge, skills, career and business opportunities. Choosing the right educational subscription platform will enlighten your future.

Webnexs solution offers the finest online video education platform & features to stream your live/recorded contents in the specialized method.


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