How corporates utilize live & on-demand video to market their brand?

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“Meeting_Training_Discussion_Conference_Product Launch organized in digital formatsFuture Corporate world is here.”    

Corporates had already started their services using digital mediums for communicating with global people. Internet facilitates are widely used by businesses to sell their products and services to their audience. In this, Live streaming & on-demand videos are the latest trend of the video industry in mixed forms.

Live streaming is the process of broadcasting video content through internet round-the-clock service. It provides increased speed and reliability of internet connections to smart devices so high-quality video can be broadcasted without lag.

VOD (Video on Demand) is a video media distribution system that allows internet users to access video entertainment and services instead of going with traditional video programs i.e television shows and movies. 

Webnexs solution helps to stream corporate video contents in live & recorded packages, you can build an excellent entertainment workflow for the customers. That assures you supply them


1. Video Training for employees:

Employee training is the primary activity made by the company. Learning through digital video content is an effective way to understand the company culture and provide guidance to new joiners. Every live training session & Video-on-demand (VOD) content delivered on the enterprise, also for making future reference.

2. Internal Communication:

Corporate Entities conducts live streaming in communicating the company updates for its employees. It creates the best way of connecting with employees on a closed basis instead of sending random Emails.

3. Internal Webcasts:

Live webcasting is an important internal communications instrument. Corporates are utilizing this for sharing product information and leads generation. In simple terms, internal webcasts include webinar’s, department discussions & updates, new product launches, annual meetings, special events, and more.

It might be a live demo session or new product launch done by the companies, an internal webcast is an effective way of business communication. These webcasts are rolled into VOD versions used for easier and continuous access to employees. 

4. New launch of products:

Launch of Products streamed in live streams can generate a lot of audience’s attention to knowing new features & releases from corporates. Tech giant biggies are utilizing these platforms for promoting new product launches globally. 

5. Virtual Conferences and Business Events: 

A virtual conference is a great tool engaged by large companies to interact with employees effectively. Many companies are following this technique to communicate with employees, partners & customers instead of gathering them in a  particular location. 

All the business events can be notified on the employee’s desktop.


Live streaming & on-demand videos encourage corporates businesses to build, secure and broadcast live video contents. Live content is transcoded in the cloud for delivering tailor fit content to any device, with adaptive bitrate(ABR) support to cater for a range of internet connection. Also, you can restrict and secure access to corporate videos using 2FAs & Watermarking. 

Webnexs Solution has an extensible, cloud-based online video platform that provides edge-to-edge streaming services for live or on-demand content to both internal/ external audiences.

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