Building The B2B Marketplace Website

Take A Small Walk Through B2B Marketplace Development in 2021

Let’s discuss how the process of a complete B2B marketplace website development involved in this blog.

Before going all the way to the topic, get some idea about how huge the B2B marketplace segment is in coming years:

According to a recent survey, the B2B segment in eCommerce is expected to hit the jackpot and reach $2.15 trillion in 2024, and the United States alone accounted for 19% of whole B2B sales happening on the globe.

Many B2B brands like Tanuport, an online B2B marketplace website, are significantly looking for success in the business-to-business segment with the Amazon is driven urge toward the B2B buyer demographic.

Well, the B2B marketplace website is like any other marketplace with one significant difference. Here the customers are companies. That is why products and services on the B2B marketplace website are sold in companies. So, the B2B marketplace platform has its laws and rules.

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Here we take one of our clients,, as a case study come blog for better understanding about B2B marketplace development. A B2B marketplace website development

Tanuport is a B2B multi-vendor marketplace website that sells nuts and spices in bulk quantity. They pass a quote about their products and send the merchants a tender. So then they’ll select the most profitable one among them for their business. 

B2B Marketplace website features

  1. Unique and attractive design to manage the Products, Sellers, and Commission.
  2. Separate Seller Profile with Company Logo and Seller Collection Page with Company Banner.
  3. The admin can allow a separate vendor dashboard.
  4. An interactive vendor dashboard in a separate vendor panel.
  5. Vendors can access their customer grid, reviews, and activities quickly.
  6. Allow vendors to make a withdrawal request amount via a separate vendor panel.
  7. Different Product types for Seller (Simple, Downloadable, Virtual, Configurable).
  8. Allow admin to create email custom templates.
  9. The admin can assign products & categories to any particular Seller.
  10. Now sellers can track the income, the latest order, and reviews using the seller dashboard.
  11. Allow the Seller to edit the shop URL for the Profile page, collection page, review page, Location page.
  12. Allow the Seller to select checkboxes for enabling the social media fields on the Seller’s profile page.
  13. Admin can deny/approve/disapprove the Seller.
  14. Option to configure products with available attributes-key features.
  15. The Seller can manage the order from the front-end when approved by the admin.
  16. Admin can manage the Seller profile page setting.
  17. The admin can view notifications for seller requests, seller products, and feedback reviews.
  18. Separate Tax/VAT information for the seller profile page.
  19. The Seller will get a notification through mail when product inventory reaches the specified most minor level set by the admin.
  20. Allow sellers to add Carrier and Tracking numbers for orders.
  21. Automatically generate seller product URLs like- Profile, Collection, Location & feedback URL.
  22. Add Videos along with your product images at the add new product page in the Marketplace.
  23. Make SKU configurable Static/Dynamic for Seller’s products so that admin can set.
  24. Admin can allow the Seller to add related products and up-sell products from the Seller’s panel.
  25. Admin can allow the Seller to add a product limit for a customer on product sales.

Tanuport website features

  1. International trade portal that brings worldwide importers to a single place.
  2. Supplier registration through the verification process; if approved, the supplier is registered. 
  3. Only ISO-certified suppliers are allowed into the portal. Other than certification, IECODE and further details are also checked.
  4. The admin verifies the upload of the product.
  5. The supplier needs to see a commission for each product before he sets a price for his product.
  6. Portal is multilingual and multi-currency.
  7. Without registration, a buyer can walk through the portal. But to contact or place an order, he needs to get registered for his business.
  8. The buyer can calculate the freight of the cargo—the timeline required to receive the shipment before he places an order.
  9. Three shippers FedEx, DHL, and Separates. For Payment gateway Eximbank
  10. The commission on sales generates revenue for the portal.
  11. Supplier product rating and product rating are provided.
  12. The buyer can contact the supplier by mail or chat within the portal.
  13. RFQ feature is provided to the buyer. RFQ for multi-vendor at once or to an individual supplier. 
  14. The price set by the supplier is negotiable on request by the buyer.

Webnexs provided all the features mentioned above along with Tanuport’s more functionality requirements. In this, only the RFQ feature was not provided by Webnexs, and for that, we have reduced the amount from billing.

Webnexs’ work for Tanuport b2b marketplace website development

Webnexs has done all the essential work for Tanuport. Right from Proposal design, Logo Design, wire-framing with various variations. Also, we altered the basic designs with lots of changes to their requirements.
Here are some screenshots for the comparison of the actual approved design. And are currently changed the layout by deviating the project.

Design proposal

Here is the proposal document made by Webnexs for Tanuport.

Logo design

Webnexs delivered its best effort while designing Tanuport’s logo. Even though, after several rejections of the design. Webnexs still provided its best effort to meet its clients.
Here are the prepared logo designs.

Tanuport Webnexs

Here are the prepared logo designs.

A B2B Marketplace Website development


Webnexs prepared the wire-framing for Tanuport as per industry standards. This is the approved wireframe for Tanuport designed by Webnexs.

Tanuport Wireframe by Webnexs

Wireframe approval mail from Tanuport

Tanuport wireframe by Webnexs

Homepage design

Despite the approval design from the client, Webnexs again changed the site design. All this as per their requirements to make them happy.

A Walk-Through on Building The B2B Marketplace Website

This is the image of the approved website design

A Walk-Through on Building The B2B Marketplace Website

Tanuport Webnexs


Magento B2B marketplace platform integration

In the design stage, the workflow and the design are processed only based on the scope. The workflow will be finalized in the design process. Then it will be implemented in the development stage.
Despite the design scope, Webnexs has changed the entire website. The design to meet the customer and make them happier.

Webnexs support team has explained the above process to Tanuport. And has sent them a mail about this query. The screenshot of the conversation is given below.

A Walk-Through on Building The B2B Marketplace Website


Other than the agreed features and layout, Webnexs delivered the following functionalities:
  • Mega Menu
  • Box width has been changed to the full width
  • Customer Admin Approval
  • Forms design has been changed after approval

Here are the screenshots of the conversation of Tanuport with Webnexs:

TanuportTanuport by Webnexs

Tanuport by Webnexs

Tanuport by Webnexs

A Walk-Through on Building The B2B Marketplace Website

Payment gateway and shipping

Only when the API is provided by the client, payment can be integrated. The screenshot given below will show you that the shipping and payment gateway. It has been already developed by default within the Magento platform.

A Walk-Through on Building The B2B Marketplace Website


Here we are attaching the images of Payment Gateway and shipping integration

Tanuport Webnexs A Walk-Through on Building The B2B Marketplace Website A Walk-Through on Building The B2B Marketplace Website Shipping

A Walk-Through on Building The B2B Marketplace Website A Walk-Through on Building The B2B Marketplace WebsiteTanuport’s input

Below are the basic inputs required while developing a B2B eCommerce marketplace website.

Webnexs Developed
Tanuport’s Input
Online shopping
My Orders
Customer Service
Most Popular
New Arrivals
Special Products
Our Stores
Shipping Payments
Check out
Terms and Conditions
Privacy Policy

Our support for Tanuport website for third party B2B integration

Bug fixes

At the initial stage of the process, there were few bugs present on the login page. And also a few alignment and intimation issues in the form.
Once when these issues were reported to the support team. Then it brought to the developers, our developers have rectified the issues. 

Shipping support

Webnexs offered Tanuport with the help of DHL shipping integration for global shipping.

A Walk-Through on Building The B2B Marketplace Website

Tanuport Webnexs

A Walk-Through on Building The B2B Marketplace Website

Webnexs has given its full support via 400+ emails, WhatsApp, and phone calls.


So, before you start your B2B marketplace online business today. But be clear with your business concepts and ideas. It includes functionality requirements, Information, and integration codes.

So providing these data in the course of development will help the developers progress. Thus, it takes on store development more without any issues.

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