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Build OTT Video Apps: The ultimate OTT Features


OTT video streaming services have made watching TV shows and movies easier. Many people now use OTT platforms to access their favorite content on their smartphones, tablets, or TVs. To meet the growing demand for custom OTT video app development, OTT App builders can create an optimized and engaging app for you.

What is an OTT App?

An OTT app is a type of software application that offers users a wide range of benefits. Firstly, it allows them to stream video content over the internet, eliminating the need for traditional cable or satellite TV services. Furthermore, OTT apps are accessible across various devices, including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and gaming consoles, making it easier for users to access their content. An OTT app lets you watch what you want when you want. You can pause and rewind live TV shows, and the app suggests shows you might like.

  • To create an OTT app, you need to know a lot about the industry.
  • You also need the right tools and technology for a seamless user experience.
  • An ultimate OTT video app should have features that cater to user preferences.
  • It should provide tools to monitor and analyze usage data.

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OTT App Builders:

You don’t need to know how to code to create your own mobile app with OTT App Builders. These experts can help you brand and launch your app quickly. In fact, the process will be a breeze with their assistance. Building and launching an OTT app can be tricky, but the app builder will guide users from start to finish. Once established, the app builder will ensure the app stays up-to-date and handles all user support. To create an app, users can follow a few simple steps.

  •  Sign up
  •  Customize
  •  Review
  •  Finalize
  •  Submit

Get In Touch with OTT App Builders:

Before proceeding, the user should get in touch to inform the OTT App builders about the project and how they can help. Once in contact, the user should then choose the display templates, in-app features, and the sites they would like to explore.

Try the OTT App Builders Demo Version for Free

With the app builder, you can have a free basic demo version created using their content, branding, and resources. Not only is it entirely risk-free, but it also allows you to experience your products and videos just the way your visitors wish they could.

Evaluate, Finalize, and Approve the OTT App

Before confirming their rate plan, the user should finalize their arrangements, integrations, and in-app features. Once the details are approved, we will build an OTT app.

Launch Your OTT App After Submission

While the App Store review process can be challenging to navigate, our team at Webnexs is here to help. We’ll guide you through the review activity and ensure that your app is launched successfully to the world.

Unlike traditional methods, They offers monthly support plans that guarantee the user’s apps will remain live and up-to-date with the latest features and techniques. In addition, they take care of all app user support. What’s more, their plans are not more expensive than updating or supporting the apps themselves. The users can easily upload new content, make alterations independently, or request assistance from the app builders. Consequently, they need not worry about their apps becoming outdated and going out of style.

When the App builders release new plans and features, they will get checked automatically. This makes sure that app users always have the support they need with different devices and software combinations. Moreover, the OTT App builders will take care of app support, giving the user more time to concentrate on their business.

Customize and Manage Your OTT App with Our OTT App Builders

By taking control and streamlining the process, the OTT App Builders can save both time and expenses for the user’s application. The app builder should add new content, update designs, and send mobile push notifications. They also have to connect and sync videos, PDFs, and audio files from the internet. Additionally, they should construct and manage the user’s content, while also catering to their preferences for a custom look and feel.

Connect Your Content Across All Other OTT Platforms:

The OTT app builders should connect to OTT platforms to publish content right into your apps, upload once, sync, and broadcast live everywhere. We have special tools to make managing content easier. With Single Sign-On (SSO), existing and new members can sign in and out across the website and app at the same time.

Create And Update The User’s Design, Look, And Feel:

The user can use established designs and templates to create a unique appearance by modifying colors and branding. This will not only save time but also ensure a first-class app user experience. Additionally, the user can welcome and sell to new subscribers with personalized onboarding screens. Furthermore, they can customize their purchase screen text and images to increase in-app conversions.

Save Time and Simplify App Store Management through OTT app Builders:

To enhance the user experience, it is essential to avoid tangled and confusing heading interfaces. Therefore, it is necessary to organize all the critical App Store Product page details in one place. This includes setting and presenting updates across all App Stores, such as the app’s title, description, screenshots, and other updates. After making any alterations, we will review and submit them, and then organize any plea for updates to ensure a seamless process.

The Features of OTT App Development:

OTT app features to engage, delight, and change anywhere, anytime. The user should create a customized app design and structure to involve the viewers with your look and feel, and we will make sure you have all the OTT app features you will ever need.

Cut Through The Noise, Straight To Their Hand Or Pocket:

Users can ensure their content reaches all iOS and Android devices with unlimited mobile push notifications. Moreover, notifications can be scheduled in advance across time zones and customized with titles, descriptions, and emojis. Users can also create a premium brand experience by customizing color schemes, highlights, and branding, and selecting from a range of customizable content display options.

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Keep Users On Track With Their Goals:

The app boasts a monthly calendar and schedule feature that not only enables users to plan their videos and classes in advance but also helps them stay on track and meet their goals. By scheduling videos for specific times over several days, users can easily manage their time. Additionally, the app sends push notifications automatically to remind users of their scheduled videos. With the calendar keeping track of the days the user watched or missed a video, users can easily stay on top of their progress. Finally, the app includes a journal feature that allows users to record and reflect on their progress through daily entries.

Give Playlist And Favorites Control To The Users:

To make the app more user-friendly, the owner should let users save their favorite videos or lessons and create custom playlists for watching at any time. Moreover, users can customize the names of their playlists, and quickly access them through the side menu. To simplify the navigation process, the app should also feature ‘My Videos’ or ‘My Downloads’ tabs. With the option to add or remove videos from their playlists with a simple swipe, users can seamlessly manage their content across both web and app platforms.

Webnexs Self Service Platform:

The user should sync, upload, and organize the content, edit, and update the video apps and the App Store accounts for yourself with the webnexs OTT platform.

Push Live-App Updates:

By simply clicking a button, the user can effortlessly release new content and update their app designs. As a result, the conversions will be displayed in real-time, ensuring that the viewer is always up to date and informed.

Single User Interface:

The user should edit, update, and govern all the App Store details and accounts from one user-friendly interface. It is a simple tool for all major platforms.

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Analytics And Direct Payments:

You can use your improved titles to view and analyze detailed analytics, and then receive all the revenue generated from in-app purchases directly into your account from the App Stores. With webnexs, you don’t have to worry about data limits, whether you are syncing with your existing video hosting solution or hosting entirely on our platform. Here’s an article on How to choose the right video hosting services for your reference.

Ongoing Maintenance:

Every time Apple or Google, or Roku needs app code updates, we will automatically carry them out for you with minor additional fees.

Specialist OTT Or Video Functionality:

More and more people are enjoying a video experience similar to OTT, and your video apps can help them securely download, connect to AirPlay, Chromecast, and Bluetooth headphones.

World Leading CDN:

We use world-leading Content Delivery Networks to ensure the stream over the right network to the audience – a better experience with less buffering.

Customer Support:

A friendly and dedicated customer help team is here to ensure that they will solve a problem if you have a problem. We succeed when the user does.


We know how important it is to have a great OTT app that your audience will love, so we offer top-quality customized features to help you build a standout app. Our app builders are easy to use and can be customized to meet your unique needs.

With real-time analytics, chapter markers, and more, your viewers can enjoy a seamless and engaging streaming experience. Plus, our support team is always available to answer any questions you may have along the way. So, if you’re looking to take your OTT streaming service to the next level, choose Webnexs as your trusted partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an OTT video app?

An OTT (Over-The-Top) video app is like a TV streaming service that lets you watch shows and movies online without needing cable or satellite TV.

2. What are the ultimate features of an OTT video app?

An OTT video app can have many cool features like live streaming, watching videos whenever you want, working on many devices, easy to use, changing video quality, sharing on social media, paying for content, checking stats, managing content, and making it safe.

3. How can I monetize my OTT video app?

You can monetize your OTT video app through subscription models, pay-per-view, ad-supported videos, sponsorships, and partnerships.

4. Do I need to have programming knowledge to build an OTT video app?

No, you don’t necessarily need to have programming knowledge. However, having some technical knowledge or working with a team of developers can help you build a more robust and feature-rich OTT video app.

5. How can I make my OTT video app user-friendly?

You can make your OTT video app user-friendly by designing an intuitive interface, optimizing navigation, and providing helpful features such as search and personalized recommendations.


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