Accept payments, inventory changes automatically

Accept payments, inventory changes automatically

POS transactions are the moment where a transaction is gets finalized. With ESS, the system will automatically, Process the payment made by users, change the purchase status and changes the inventory count without manual intervention

Watch orders on desktop or mobile

Whether you are taking orders from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, ESS suite has you covered. Take your POS system to your next trade show, pop-up shop event, or wherever else your business takes you.

Scan item barcodes to quickly build orders

Our barcode scanning suite makes it fast and easy to add items to a POS order. To edit any specific products and its order just scan barcodes to add the product to an order, update the price and order total, and detract from inventory counts once the order is completed.

Split payments between multiple payment methods

When the order is ready to purchase and user is into making payment, its time that your POS system has to be ready for anything. ESS allows to receive multiple payment methods, whether your customers are paying by cash, credit card, or PayPal or any other payment getway.

we know it’s a confusing job to manage heap amount of products in the store. on the mail I have provided a Insights on how ESS will help you to list the products, Catalogs using simple SKU, Barcodes to make your sorting job simple.

Ease out your business operation in snap with ESS Today!


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