What is AMP(Accelerated Mobile Page) and Advantages of AMP?

AMP (Accelerated mobile page):

Accelerated mobile page(AMP) is an accessible framework which is used  for creating fast-loading pages, especially for mobile. AMP was born with the rise of mobile and a need to focus on user’s experience. They are mainly designed to allow stores to easily improve the page speed. AMP helps lightweight pages and make them to load immediately. AMP’s are aimed mainly for speeding up the process of presenting the content through the use of code known as AMP HTML. An approach to build web pages static content for the pages that don’t change based on users, that allows the pages to load much faster than normal HTML. AMP HTML is just HTML with some restrictions. Accelerated mobile page(AMP) gets a boost in google search rankings. Google shows speedier AMP-powered web pages a top spot in Google news. AMP HTML can load much more faster than non-AMP HTML version of that page. By checking it on pagespeed tools, amp will be included in the mobile view link and in desktop view amp it will not be not included. Optimization performance will also be different for both mobile and desktop. During Google search in mobile, amp based videos and photos will be shown on the top of the search page.

Advantages of AMP(Accelerated Mobile page):

  • AMP provides immense performance and engagement. Web pages in the open-source format will load quickly, offers even experience to the users and give more attractive experience on both the mobile and desktop.
  • AMP page provides better clarity for the users on comparing with any other pages.
  • AMP accelerate Website load time. AMP basically assure that it helps to bring more customers to the store’s site.
  • AMP maximizes mobile ranking. Still, it is not a ranking factor, it influences positively on mobile ranking since it loads immediately.
  • AMP optimization is less in mobile compare than desktop.
  • AMP has an ability to speed up the loading time of the stores even in the time of poor connections.
  • AMP consume only fewer data.

Key benefits of using AMP (Accelerated mobile pages):

  • SPEED:

In these modern days, each and everything is all about speed when it comes to a content presentation on a mobile device, AMP plays a major role in it. When a page is displayed originally it is demanded from a server. Then the server locates the fill or content related with the request speedily.


Accessibility is slightly alike speed but not fully. Accessibility plays an important role in AMP. It presents improved accessibility to your web pages. If your loyal clients can easily access the content speedily they may ready to make speedy decisions.


The innovation part of using an AMP is an enormous one. Anything that is connected to innovation will give an added value proposition. AMP is displayed on mobile devices at Google’s discretion.


Content distribution is a combo of both speed and accessibility. Considering both it may support with distributing content on mobile devices quickly and efficiently.


Accelerated Mobile Pages offers a comprehensive best user experience. User experience is the main element on mobile devices. An expressive presentation of content can guarantee that your mobile users are understanding it concisely.

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