EarthnMe – A Sustainable Online Marketplace With 100+ Vendors Onboard – Prelaunch

EarthnMe – The future global hub of sustainable products

Started as an innovative startup, and now EarthnMe is a leading online marketplace for selling sustainable products and accessories with the mission of making daily essentials, beauty, food and beverages, eco-lifestyle and so on as Green and Eco-Friendly as possible whilst affordable and convenient. 

With a few months of inception, Earthnme becomes the most powerful for sustainable vendors to show their passion for eco-friendly products, share them with the world, and turn them into business opportunities.

The company offers roof as an innovative marketplace platform for retailers and emerging sustainable brands to help them efficiently sell their products to the shoppers with the same motto of commitment to having a positive social, economic, and environmental impact. 

Its marketplace business model provides clients with one location to shop for the best Eco Sustainable products globally, ranging from well-known, established global brands to exciting emerging regional brands.

Now EarthnMe has 500 brands, 170 vendors, single check-out. EarthnMe uses Webnexs marketplace solution for its eco-friendly, sustainable products.

Yes, we made it happen. Come, let’s cover up the challenges faced by EarthnMe and the solution offered by Webnexs. Most importantly, how you learn how we develop a marketplace platform.

Extended Reach Made Affordably

While every eCommerce business finds its first-ever dip in sales and revenue due to the shutdown of shipping trails, with the success notion, Webnexs has put EarthnMe at a high point using Shiprocket integration for efficient shipping for better serviceability. One thing is for sure, it’s not just as another add on but to have new-age shipping fulfillment to serve the digital era during the COVID Pandemic.

Before having a better reach, it isn’t cheery for EarthnMe as it costs them a huge to find a cost-effective shipping partner. But we got their pain point and turned the situation upside down with Shiprocket extension – the finest shipping solution that put them in a place where no one can stop them from shipping cross-border.

Please don’t wait till you get a mediocre shipping solution at the end of the day; take a flight and ask us for the best-in-class shipping integration to bring it to your table today!!!! 

Removed the manual drain of verifying GSTIN

With effective from Oct 2018, any business in India needs to get registered with GSTIN; it’s mandatory for all, leaving none including sellers of marketplace. A fresh and new market marketplace in India should go abide by Indian Government tax rules and norms to set up and run an efficient eCommerce business in India.

While other marketplaces are struggling back in, potentially obligated to verify GSTIN. But onboarding thousands of sellers around there with verifying via single window contest is utterly not possible. We took off the headache, so when it’s time to verify sellers’ GSTIN, you can have Webnexs’ multi-vendor marketplace extension that works seamlessly, validating not one; go for a million verification with the same endurance.

Are you not looking for integration or extension for the multi-vendor marketplace? Curious about finding other ways or going headless?

Formulated for an impactful PDP to attract user

Any online consumer will tell you that it’s indispensable to focus on the product page, with their interaction rate via purchase rate. And when running an eCommerce website, you want everything to be as easy as possible for your customers with a product page.

Creating high converting eCommerce product pages is essential for a successful online store with an expert eCommerce web design team.

Product pages are the lifeblood of any eCommerce that sell online, and there is no denial about it. The product page must be a plain text field explaining what the product is up to. Is that for the shoppers to look for? Definitely not; a product page should go a step ahead and present like PDP- Product detail page. 

Recent studies found that about 13% of all product page traffic converts to a sale if the page got optimized with a Product detail page(PDP).

Yes, the number is good, 2 out of 25 people.

But that’s the exciting thing that made EarthnMe clients consider optimizing their product pages to have a better PCR – product page conversion rate; we could do that for you, ask us how.

We did the math; we brought categories together

The Category page is the bridge between your homepage and your product pages, and it is where most of the sales funnel starts; that’s what we Webnexs believe in.

Did you know that category pages drive 413% more estimated traffic and 70% of online sales than other pages? This means every bit of real estate on these pages count towards your success. So working on creating an ideal category page serves a lot and convert more customers if they can find all categories on one page. 

Unlike conventional eCommerce sites, users go access by scrolling down for multiple categories, the same case for apps. But in all categories, a single page can have not much of menus or hindering toggles, just logically organized categories to choose from, to prevent the urge to skip ahead.

That “All category in a single page” does impact EarthnMe felt that. 

Ah, the category page – perhaps the most familiar page of the EarthnMe, so put on all categories in a single page to make users stay engaged. This is why increased user engagement is the driving point for EarthnMe and got us sky level appreciation. 

If you are willing, there is much that can do for you digitally to make sure your category page doesn’t end up the same way as your catalog, much ignored and resigned to the trash.

Into the next step – stop going locally, win globally

A wide range of brands and product offerings has tremendous competitive advantages for any business. It often becomes more relevant and the prime reason online shoppers love buying from a multi-vendor platform. That’s why the success of any online marketplace dramatically depends on the quality of vendors you manage to attain.

However, the vendor acquisition process is often not as easy as it seems. Successful vendors with a good range of competitive products must be flawless and not like a conventional marketplace.

Ensuring the vendor onboarding process is fast and straightforward is highly recommended to remove this entry barrier. To bring down the worry, Webnexs enabled faster onboarding and listing times for EarthnMe.

As for the next coming years, EarthnMe aims to further extend the business handles by onboarding thousands of vendors in their marketplace ecosystem. No other marketplace is ever robust as EarthnMe, including our in-house projects and other businesses. 

Through the seamless onboarding, we were able to streamline some key areas, which resulted in the vendor engagement leaps the EarthnMe was looking for all along: 

From the prior vendor onboarding, their opening cap is 27%, that is 250+ vendors, and we were able to move their Year-1 vendor engagement to 63%(600+ vendors)and Year-2 to 88%(800+ vendors). At the same time, the performance in Year-1 of the EarthnMe program will significantly improve over that it was in the first place. 

The process Webnexs taken forward has brought us pure success will further bring to press the engagement rates in Year-2 to be more in line with the client’s expectations and our standards.  

At Webnexs, we make sure of that from inception to deployment through long-term operations.

While streamlining any process is excellent, with Webnexs marketplace solution, you’re never going to be flying solo. If there are questions or areas where you need additional support or guidance, our Marketplace developers are always engaged to help out.


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