Ecommerce Solution For Small Business In 2022

Start A Small Business Journey With Ecommerce Solution In 2022

Learn how could your start your small business journey with best eCommerce solution in 2022.

Ecommerce is emerging as the solution in 2022 for most people who would like to make purchases sans boundaries barring visas, immigration laws. With this, would you like to capture millions of online buyers who are on a constant spree in looking out for the best experiences? and you got an idea to serve them through eCommerce solution your small business online?

Here you go. You should have an ecommerce store on your own.  Now you should think that you need someone to help with the development of an Ecommerce solution for your small business right from your level of ideation to marketing.

Finding them would be the right actionable insight you should have done by crisscrossing maths and myths. Through this blog, I’m planning to open up your mind to the challenges you will be facing in your start-up journey and the eCommerce solution for small business you can avail of for it. Ignorance is the mother of all pains.

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How you can start your small business journey with ecommerce solution in 2022?

Let’s start exploring all the possibilities to come off the ignorance.

1. Pre-Ideation.

Ecommerce solution for small business

Can I start my Small Business journey with ecommerce solution in 2022?

Will I win in this small business start-up with eCommerce solution in 2022? Will I get some support during my journey in a start-up? I need some shoulders to morally back me, who will be helping me?

Are the above questions cropping up? Stop not, let many crops out from you. Note them on a piece of paper and preserve them. Try to find out solutions empirically which are workable and that are not just fading.

In our previous blog on worried about right time to start a business? We have written on pointing to some stats helping you to direct your idea picking the man out from you to  show him where are we standing at present and what is the future lying ahead.

I understand that the competition is tough, but it is established that only the tough keeps moving ahead. Keep yourself learning and move ahead as it get competitive. I understand here, you might ask what I should learn.

You should be learning to take the next first step, it is so much simple but has a tonne meaning ascribed towards it.

Never see back or leap too much forward. In start-up journey mood swings are always possible. You will be asking, should I have been working longer that i could have succeeded ? Etc.

But definitely, when you are about to think this way, just remember, many others have faced such mood swings until they made their business floating on its own and paid off investors.

Understanding all these will keep you getting planned up for all the problems that might creep in, you will be finding out the solution in advance and will not be shaken when you face them. Keep the data for all of these ready, before you are out of pre-ideation stage.

What propels ecommerce Solution in 2022?

what propels ecommerce

Technologies are the key drivers of change. Nothing that is short of a real technology that is in need, could seek to propel the engines of commerce. Technologies that could provide the best user experiences are the biggest movers.

With respect to the necessity of market, which is the underlying and key driver, try to analyse the market to find where the real necessity lies. What are the products that are most sought by the users across the internet?

What could be the best niche to invest? In our previous blog we have shared a topic on the best niches. You might have a read of it here.

You should have a clear understanding of what you are going to sell and what is your market size as you see from the above write-up. Understanding market dynamics in the forefront will help you have the right expectation.

They also speak about the product types you sell, to whom you sell, how you sell etc. These help in cultivating the right analytics of business.

Who can be my best vendor For Ecommerce Solution?

Ecommerce solution for small business

Spell out your requirements, listen to the pre-sales specialist.  Chart out the points given by him. Check for the knowledge the specialist got in his domain.
Further up, to choose a vendor empirically, here are the questions you should have in your diary and pitch.

1. Can you brief me few stuffs about your company?

Measure his confidence here, in describing about his company. If they are good developers, their answer will be bold to impress you. Impressive answers are the need coupled with actions. Don’t be carried away by impressers only.

2 . Can you describe/explain me how can your technology be suiting for my Small business?

You can measure his knowledge in technology here. Again, he should be able to speak out technically. If he isn’t, I’m sure, you are just playing around a company which started in the last quarter or which just propels its engine though marketing and not through the success of their clientele.

3. What are the top 2 technologies you can suggest me, so I can pick one to be implemented for my Small business?

Again, it’s the agents’ profundity in technical expertise. If he has pure pre-sales lacking core tech knowledge, request him to arrange you a meet with his developer, he should be able to put his tech guy on talk with you to answer your query technically.

Just ask about the outright comparison between two technologies and if he is confident, you can get at least 5 comparisons between them.

4. Make sure you speak about the processes of the development. It’s one Ecommerce Solution, but there is a process underlying it.

The pre-sales should be able to keep you posted with the kind of process they would follow in their office. This will help you to know whether you are hiring out a detailed oriented company or just another web development firm.

5. Timeline and costing about the Ecommerce Solution in 2022.

Here, I may be contradicting with the popular idea, but I feel that could be logical. Always its worth spending with the guys who would deliver you than going for cheaper solutions.  Because experience and expertise comes with a tag.

Never be worried about your one time investment, it always worth a million dollar investment, even the extra 1 USD you make around

What is meant by platforms? What I can do to choose the Best Ecommerce Platform For My Small Business?

By this time, your pre-sales guy would have mentioned a dozen times about platforms and you would obviously like to know that. Platform is the style of architecturing technology using various programming fashions.

It’s not always one size fits all.  I recommend you to check out here for knowing further about the platforms.

Reference: What Are The Best Ecommerce Platforms To Build A Website?

What would be the hosting I can prefer and charges?


We would recommend you to choose a cosy server. For example as a start-up, you can choose a server with minimum 2 GB RAM, which would be costing roughly 500USD/year.

This investment is wise, because as big the server is; the performance of the website can be seen proportionately.  You can check out with our pre-sales specialist for your server needs. He can guide you over that.

Also, you can choose storage server and the charges are as low as 4 USD/ Month for 1 TB storage. Hosting is progressively cheaper as more data centers comes up.

What are the stages in the development of the Ecommerce Solution in 2022?

Ecommerce solution for small business

Always choose to ask this question. The more granular the stages are, the more wise is the company. I’m listing out the stages in the development of Ecommerce store here.

Business Idea understanding –> wire framing ( by fragmentation, defining user experiences)  –> Designing(UI) based on the UX defined in wire-frames  –> Coding them to the core of the technology –> deployment to demo server  –> Testing on Demo Server  –> Preparing live server  –> Deployment of codes — > Launch.

Each of the stage mentioned has its own importance. I recommend here, you should not miss any stages from the above. It’s important.

User Experience defines about the journey a customer will take inside the website. If you have an unfulfilling user experience, your dropouts will be more and you would leave more money untapped on the table despite you working rigorous on marketing.

There are many ways you can mend your conversions to produce great results.

UI -> Putting up the right color on your page actually gives the brand perception fulfilled. Disregard for this brand identity here will never create a perception of store in the user and tending way to forget yours easy.

Coding -> Stay focused here, Performance matters. Even a small line of code will cause lagging and will make you pushing down the search results of Google.

They crush you and your business will never find the same revenue. Give your developer enough time to work on this and he will provide you with excellent results.

Similarly, there are benefits coupled with testing and preparing the live servers.

You have to certainly test the software for any bugs associated with this. Failing to test will certainly cause a dent in the pockets of its founders as many of the visitors will be failing to proceed through to the end – the checkout.

Caution has to be ensured that we are keeping vigil on setting up the right server specs, so your server is secure from malwares and hardware attacks.

What would be the total cost I can actively invest in the Ecommerce Solution?


You can choose to invest based on the technology, your bandwidth to move forward. Definitely, the investment criteria is a factor where a start-up would have to focus. But with increased investment with the right technology company, you can certainly come out with the right product. So i recommend you the following math here,

Just evaluate the pricing vs technology company. This metric would certainly be the base while defining them out empirically. But certainly do not stop-out. Connect their ideas with your visions, goals and evaluate where their ideas will be servering your goals. Conceptually, if you strike the right chord, certainly you go pick them up.

Development stage Of Ecommerce Solution For Small Business:

How should I get things done from my developer?

Well, your developers are the scientific doctors handling technology. I’m opening a secret often underplayed here. Its common psychology that every man wishes to be treated like a king, once you treat him like a king, he will give you a posh treatment required. But certainly, there could be some who could misuse them, but least bother – follow your own rule out there.

Certainly this can be followed while you move on with your developer. I bet you can get the best treatment from the developers. Well, I have my own experience from our office. Our developers will stick to the clients who give them thanks, gifts and make sure they complete their project on time.

But those who yell, they place it on the last of their agenda, and once they have completed others, they move there. But then, if an escalation from client comes into our email, we need to follow up with the developer to get that outright and immediate. The takeaway here is, certainly everyone needs a royal walk in red carpet, make sure you give them.

Once your product is out from development stage to deployment to test server, you have to start testing out the product with strict vigil. No lag in performance has to be seen.

You make sure that all the modules in your ecommerce store is handled with perfection. Try to make sure, you have checked upon the UX of the website well in ahead of the final coding stage, so that you are never losing out here finally.

Marketing journey:

Ecommerce solution for small business

Finally the never ending journey starts from here. You need to take the product to the market. Having finalized on the goals of the business, it’s easier from here to move on to the competitions.

Marketing is an easy task for those who has understood the dynamics of the challenges present. But having said dynamics, it’s very versatile and you have to be dynamic in measuring your output vs input.

Why output vs input approach?

You have to first input some strategies and checkout for a month and find out its efficiency. If the input performs well, the output will be at its best and you can go ahead with it.

But when you are not able to attribute the outcome to the input, you need to focus more on the strategy which could produce more better output. Measuring can be made possible with/through Google analytics.

Your customer/client/visitors source of acquisition, behaviour and conversions are all possible out with Google Analytics. You can also measure the attribution channels if they are configured properly.

Declaration of Conformity

The Declaration of Conformity is a document, which the manufacturer signs to say that the product meets all of the requirements of the applicable directives.

It must be issued by the manufacturer, or by the person placing the product on the EU market if the manufacturer is not based in Europe. Amazon requires to upload the DoC when selling products on the European market.

A good reference drawing up the DoC is this article: Declaration of Conformity Template Method: How to Draw Up a Compliant DoC (Inc. 25 Template Downloads)


Final Word

A calculated approach in all the stages will take you through from your present form to success. Never mind what happens, as long as customers search for some product that you look forward to selling, you are on the winning side.

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