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What does "headless Ecommerce Solution" mean?

Learn why the headless ecommerce solution is best for you to sell and scale online. Let’s get started!

In recent years, the pandemic has made many retailers move or even close their doors. But as we know, only a few retail business owners closely watch the ever-changing trends in their businesses. Those who feared the pandemic and closed their doors have failed to match the market demand. Still, very rarely do entrepreneurs realize and put their businesses in a position to have better stability, safety, and performance.

But how did they do that? Let’s reveal it a bit later before that, with many online retail businesses seeing their closure. Some brands have seen a record-breaking increase in online sales. Because those are the online businesses awarded, their current monolithic architecture is not enough to meet the market demand, consumers expectations, and scale of the retail business.

Here’s the answer for you, that we discussed just before: The answer is a “headless ecommerce solution” and it has proved its potential. So here we will discuss why your online business needs a headless ecommerce solution to see improvement and make revenue.

So, is it time to lose your mind? Please don’t do it, as many businesses have developed their ecommerce websites over the past years, ranging from small to more prominent brands.

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What Does “Headless Ecommerce Solution” Mean?

Let’s take an example: every ecommerce site has two sides: the front and backend. Here, the frontend layer refers to the “head” of the site, and the backend layer refers to the “body” of the site. By referring to the context, headless ecommerce is the decoupling of frontend and backend systems. Both are independent in headless ecommerce, whereas, in conventional ecommerce system, the whole system works exactly the opposite to the headless one. 

In a traditional ecommerce website, both the frontend and backend run simultaneously using a single system. It brought many complications in managing and scaling the site, but the Headless ecommerce solution has made everything simple about ecommerce by putting everything in one place to work. 

However, headless ecommerce solutions are increasingly gaining popularity among many businesses and brands as they enjoy improved site speed, performance, and flexibility. 

Headless Commerce Solution Fit For Selling Anything Online

The thing with headless ecommerce is that it allows you to choose any technology for the backend, as the best solutions fit each purpose. So you can power up your retail and ecommerce business potential with Webnexs headless ecommerce. It’s simple, you’re about to leverage Headless robust ecommerce solution and choose a better CMS to boost flexibility to manage and gain all aspects of your ecommerce website.

Monolithic vs. Headless Solution

To date, many ecommerce websites are using monolithic systems, which is a conventional approach. A monolithic system means the entire website runs and is managed under a single hood called “one platform”. Is everything under one platform? Though it seems like a traditional way of doing business, which may even sound great, But we can tell why staying with the conventional system is a good idea. Because technology is changing and adopting newer heights, you’re losing out on significant opportunities if you’re still relying on the same old way. 

Adopting recent technology like the Headless ecommerce solution will help you stay relevant and competitive in the highly demanding retail market. 

Moving to this latest technology would be a well-reaping and rewarding choice.

Why Should You Choose Webnexs Headless Marketplace Solution?

Webnexs headless ecommerce solution is one of the leading approaches for building robust and best-performing eCommerce stores for brands and businesses.

headless ecommerce solution

Webnexs headless solution was designed and developed to serve businesses of any size, from small to enterprise. And frankly, we built ecommerce stores that have seen growth within a short span of their inception. Many of our clients have reviewed and rated Webnexs headless solution as the solution for headless eCommerce. 

We proudly say Webnexs headless lacks nowhere as it’s a multi-functional, multi-content, multi-vendor, multi-language, and multi-currency solution. 

With a headless architecture, we develop your ecommerce store with a so-called headless CMS. In this way, we made many of our clients successful with a tailored approach for each client.

Top 5 Benefits Of Headless Ecommerce Solutions

1. Checkout

Webnexs headless checkout is known for its seamless and well-tested checkout process that has proven to have better conversion rates for ecommerce.

2. Order Management

Easy order management is the dream of every ecommerce store’s admin, and so is our order management feature. It is so simple, reliable, and easy to manage that it gives classy insights and oversights.

3. Customer Management

Customer management plays a crucial role in the success of an eCommerce business, and Webnexs headless helps you play the game with a powerful, accessible, intuitive, and reliable customer management system. In simple terms, we aid you in tracking all your most valued customers.

4. Product Information Management

Product management is similarly essential to customer management; here, our solution lets you effectively manage the basic product details such as SKUs, prices, barcodes, and simple images. The headless CMS system will take the rest for optimum flexibility for all the additional product information.

5. External Integrations With Headless Solution

Webnexs headless offers great seamless integration options where the external systems can plug and play with a headless solution on the go. With these integration systems, our ecommerce solution ensures optimized and increased ecommerce performance with the fullest site potential.

Headless Ecommerce Solution Conclusion

In most instances, we think a headless ecommerce solution is a best-fit solution for anyone who is looking to build a new-age ecommerce business store. Webnexs allows you to grow and scale your ecommerce business without relying on third parties.

If you’re ready to take your ecommerce business idea to the next level, we will help you move on to the next phase of your ecommerce platform.

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