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“Publish your existing video content in live digital media to the world” 

Streaming your recorded videos on social platforms gets wider visibility to audiences. In general, we create, record, & process the raw recordings to video contents and later it is broadcasted on platforms viz social media, websites, mobile applications, etc.. Presenting the live videos instantly to viewers feel more connected, familiar and excited about their services. 

Webnexs live streaming platform streams your recorded contents in high-quality standards to ensure the viewer’s valuable experiences.      


Select Pre-Recorded Video:

              Select a video file stored on your computer or cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive and others) that you wish to stream live.

Schedule Live Stream
              Choose the date and time of your choice, when you wish your video live stream to start automatically.

Choose Social Networks
            Choose streaming destinations (facebook, you tube, instagram, mobile applications, OTT platforms and others). 

Webnexs streaming solution handles all the transcoding, processing and live streaming will be handled automatically and will stream it at the set time.


A recent study shows that viewers of live streams feel more emotionally involved and thus more likely to make a purchase. Hence, if you insert an ad into your pre-recorded video that’s streaming as live, you could see a four to five times increase in ad click rates, thereby increasing a great revenue through ads.

Generates higher revenues:

Increased user interest in recorded content and watching it live results in more revenue to broadcasters.

Scheduling and promoting the contents:

Scheduling your content encourages more viewers to watch as they are aware of the broadcasting time slots already.

No buffering and breaks in the stream:

The main advantage of this system is, no buffering issues because the pre-recorded videos are streamed at a constant speed by uploading them into the servers. We can watch high-quality videos without disruptions with the help of Multi Bit Rates.


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