How to Push aggressive ads to downloadable videos ads

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“Watch_Thurst_Publish_Download_Stream_Reward your content effectively” Featured offline ads are here.

In general, Online streaming viewers have to face interruptions like buffering, lags and low-quality videos due to bad connectivity problems. So the viewers would expect to download for watching and enjoying the offline video/audio contents.  

With these externalities, many streaming services commenced their offer to download features of videos in their application for maintaining the viewer’s relationship. 

All the efforts taken in delivering your streaming services, will face the connectivity problems & errors by the viewers. Webnexs Solution pledged in distributing qualitative and quantitative video content to netizens and permit them to download your videos for offline consumption.  

Provide Download & More Feature:

Video streaming services entertain viewers all the time and of late they introduced downloading facility for easy viewing of videos without any internet connectivity or a low speed connection but generating revenue opportunities for advertisement providers. In Advanced technology, you can push aggressive ads into downloaded videos and earn rewards from Online & Offline streaming of ads. It helps business owners to get yields in both online/offline ads.

Now users can easily overcome the connectivity issues resisted by the viewers. The attached aggressive ads will keep on stream and generate income whether the viewers have internet connection or not. These Ad-formats will be innovative than the traditional way of AVOD ads and minimizes ad-delivery failure.

The actual concept is Plain-speaking. Whenever downloading videos by the viewers, providers get remuneration and engage in platform development.

Making Aggressive Ads in Offline:

Ads placed into offline videos are plain, but it is necessary to ensure the ads are properly delivered & remunerated is a little complicated. 

Making Dynamic Ads available in offline videos

Webnexs solution cornerstones in inspecting the attached aggressive ads are regularly updated in time of watching the offline videos by viewers. 

How is it possible?

Relax! This is possible

By integrating advanced software that has been specifically designed for dynamic ad insertion into downloaded contents, you can convey offline video advertising with great precision. The background works are carried on by the application once the ad-server has been configured.

Delivering Ads in effective monetization & timeliness, the download features provide the advanced selecting capabilities and analytics reporting in response to online ads. You can trace the viewer’s conduct, time spending duration, computed videos, streaming period, Incomplete download contents, in-progress contents, and more information collected by offline ad execution on your ad server’s dashboard. Also, click-through ads have been traced offline.


Millions of viewers were interested in watching videos on-the-movements in recent years i.e. traveling, boarding in planes & buses, etc. in such time, any disruptions in internet networks occur, We have to provide the downloading facility for viewers. It smoothens the working nature of  AVOD providers to sustain their business in the OTT industry.

Webnexs Solution initiates the effective downloading feature to your video streaming application, with the motive of viewer-experience & expectations and wraps innovative offline advertising opportunities through aggressive ad-pushing.


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