Start an Online store with best-in class eCommerce platform

How To Start An Online Store With A Best-in-class Ecommerce Platform?

In the year 2021, the most asked question is, “How to start an online store” on the internet, yes it is.

Ecommerce solution is a powerful Ecommerce that makes online-based retail really easy and effective. With hundreds of unique templates and thousands of features, you can start an online store or eCommerce marketplace. Below, see the list of features that helps create an awesome eCommerce store.


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Start your Online Store that scales with best ecommerce platform in 2022

Start your Online Store that scales

Professionally designed Theme

The very first thing your customer will notice is the store’s layout and its design. Ecommerce solutions can easily pass this. Because we have the most experienced and devoted designer in our team. Ecommerce solution has over 130 unique themes which can be customized based on the business store’s specification.

Customizable Store

While setting up an online store, it’s better to provide the ability to customize the store’s templates. Ecommerce solution helps to customize the store to any extent and creates a store for better first impressions while ensuring that the customer is tunneled through the right path.

Our Ecommerce solution customized design will not only help to give the professional look that your store needs to display the product, It will also give you the quality you need to turn those visits into customers.

If you still need advice on a completely Custom Designed Ecommerce Store you can contact our Ecommerce solution experts will guide you to take the business to next level.

Start Your Own Online Store

After you successfully chose your store’s customized template, preparing your store for sales will be the next criteria. In an Ecommerce solution, you can set up your store almost instantly to be ready for your first sale.

Your Ecommerce store lets you sell products and start accepting payments instantly after the store creation. Building an eCommerce store with an Ecommerce solution is simple, choose a theme, customize it, add products, and get sold globally.

Content Management System (CMS)

With an Ecommerce solution, you don’t need a special team of designers and developers for your store. Ecommerce solution helps to cut down the cost that needs to spend on development and maintenance towards your store.

It lets you have full control over your entire store through the content management system. Ecommerce CMS allows changing navigation items, product descriptions, images, and much more.

Have control over your customer

Keep track of who is purchasing and what they are buying from your store. Ecommerce store admin panel provides updated information you needed to make a better business decision. Moreover, you can allow your customers to purchase the products without even signing up.

Ecommerce solution has a feature where store owners can categorize their customers according to their purchase history and provide special rights and discounts to that specific customer group.

Safe and secured payment option

You don’t have to limit your payment option with-in your region as it supports up to 5 different types of payment gateway. Every payment gateway perfectly supports a wide range of currency types. Moreover, it accepts special custom requests If you need to integrate your region’s payment gateway.

Ecommerce solution is an official partner of both EBS and PayU biz and customer who chooses these payment gateways offered great discounts towards their setup process. Every store accepts cash on delivery as a default payment gateway.

Multi-currency, tax, and language support

Keeping an account of taxes for audit purposes is important. It lets you place a tax on every product automatically based on its prices. With numerous payment gateway support, accepting international payments is not a big problem.

It supports multi-currency and multi-language which would automatically change the currency types, tax rules, and language according to your customer region. Your shop would accept payment from visa, master card, and other major cards at all online stores certified with PCI DSS compliance.

While it comes to an eCommerce store, shipping is considered a major headache to the store owner. Ecommerce solution is here to save you from shipping problems, every store is built with an automatic shipping calculator which helps to calculate the shipping rates of your region’s shipping carriers.

Ecommerce solution shipping calculator allows you to set shipping rates based on fixed price, size, and dimension based on location.

Hosting solution

Webnexs servers are specially built to enhance the security, reliability, and compatibility of the eCommerce store.  Our server is filled up with great features like top class firewall, anti-spam & antivirus protection, disabled root FTP access, server exploitation protection, and many more.

A firewall is a protective defender that helps to save the store from a constant threat like malware, viruses, and unwanted malicious internet traffic.  The firewall helps by preventing an attack that slows down the store.

Backing up the store on regular basis is important which gives the store owners a safe thought. It does a regular backup and keeps a clone of your store which would prevent the store from losing records of important sales and customer information.

SSL certificate provides a powerful trust to the customer where it protects by encrypting sensitive data like credit cards and other important bank details. It Supports Integrating SSL certificates which increase trustworthiness.

The server provides guaranteed uptime of 99.99%.  It takes all possible measures to make sure that your store will up and run 24X7.

Search Engine Optimizations

Let the right customer finds you on the web, and achieve this through SEO features. Ecommerce solution lets you add and modify SEO information like H1 tags, title tags, Meta tags, image Alt tags, and many more. No matter what theme you choose from the best source. Each one of it supports social media integrations, which provides a path to share your store’s products on their beloved social networks

Other than these marketing strategies online store supports marketing your store through email medium. Email marketing helps to engage your targeted customers and gives a chance to improve your sales rate. Webnexs Wtemplates has over 100+ unique predesigned email templates that are ready to deploy to your opt-in customer.

Mobile friendly

Currently, over 60% of shopping happens on the mobile versions of stores. It supports 100% responsiveness to every store free of cost. This makes sure that your store will stay compact across all devices.

With Webnexs, you don’t have to choose different types of themes for PC, SmartPhone, and tablets. Every template in an online solution is designed to be mobile-friendly.

If you are opt-in for the best SMB Pro plan you have access to an iOS and android application. This will let your customer have a standalone mobile app in which your customer can make purchases on their go.

Awards winning support 

It has an awesome award-winning customer support team who will guide you through your eCommerce store’s setup process and makes you do sales hassle-free. Ecommerce solutions support 24X5 live chat for their customers where they get solutions instantly. Moreover, it also supports E-mail tickets, phone chat, and live training videos.


Wrapping Up

Finally, create an online store has never been easier than before. From choosing a perfect template for your online store to making the first sale of your products, Ecommerce solution features help in the right way.  Need to create an online store for your business? Contact webnexs eCommerce solution provider now!


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