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17 Types of Product Videos – Content That Makes People Buy the Product

Video will dominate the whole internet in future. If you are still writing a blog to communicate with the audience, you are still in the old trend. Marketing the product through video content has become more popular for all businesses. Using video as a tool throughout the user buyer journey will help educate them, build trust and loyalty, and push them to buy products faster. This blog is about the 17 Types of Product Videos, the content of which will make people buy your products.

First of all, create awareness to the audience through the introduction. Attract as many as you want with videos of entertainment content. As you can inform them about the product. Secondly, try to build relationships with users and gain their attention, make them like and share the videos. It’s making them consider your product. Finally, your customer is on the verge of buying the product. At this stage, you can educate them about the product with videos like explainers, how-to videos, product reviews and customer testimonials. For a more detailed view, let’s now look at 17 Types of Product Videos

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Here are the types of product video content ideas that make people buy 

1. List or Roundup 

This video lists the businesses ranking or order in a particular industry, for example, the top 5 best hotels in new york, top 10 mobiles in 2021.

The video should be 3 minutes or less to keep engaged and show viewers about a range of options available to choose from.

2. Company or team video

Tell customers about company culture and goals and make a video introducing team members. This will create trust in people and strengthen brand loyalty.

3. Behind the scenes 

People love to watch what is going behind the scenes. So consider making behind the scenes videos as they work for both B2B and B2C brands.

4. Interview 

Making interview videos with the popular people answering questions. This type of videos will help in increasing company values and aligning yourself with the person.

5. Brand video

Creating brand videos will make users know about the values, vision and goals of the brand.

6. Educational Video

People out there are searching for a lot of information and people love to learn. Creating an educational video will be of great value to the audience as they can learn how to apply it in real-time.

The above-mentioned types of video are for creating awareness about the brand or business. Now moving on to the second stage, this type of video makes customers consider the product. 

7. Video Emails

 Making people consider is done through email marketing. Send mail to the list of contacts collected earlier. Send an email containing videos to try to grab user attention by differentiating your product from others. Email videos can be one minute long, tell them why you are reaching them and finally add a call to action button to convert them into users.

8. Vlog

VLog is a video filmed by a single person in front of a camera. This type of video particularly covers the personal experience and knowledge about the product or service. Particularly influencers used to do these VLogs, and even businesses can still follow this widespread practice. 

9. Humorous video

Creating humorous videos will make people laugh, smile and also make people feel good. It will be etched in the minds of people for good reason

10. Product video 

Product videos are very effective as people will learn about the working of the product or service in practice and will convince the user to buy the product. They will come to know how the product will look and how it will benefit their lives.

Finally, at the third stage, your potential audience is willing to buy the product, and at this stage, with video, you can convert them into buying customers.

11. Explainer and how-to videos

With this video, businesses tell users how to do the particular processes more effectively. This video helps users to go through the operational process and find the answer to the common questions. This helps in building your brand image and making people trust you.

12. Q&A Sessions

Potential customers are looking for an answer from your side for the question before buying the product. In Q&A videos, you can take questions from the comment section and answer them in front of the camera.

13. Announcement

If you want to share news with the audience like introducing a product, major events, and opening a new branch, an announcement video will help the message reach people.

14. Testimonials

Testimonials videos are used to showcase the real-time usage of the product by existing customers who have shared the experience and benefits of using the product. This will make a potential customer buy the product seeing the other using the product.

15. Feature Explainer

The product video explains the overview of the product, whereas in the feature explainer video, it clearly elaborates the functioning of every feature. Explain things, how it will be valuable for everyday uses.

16. Personalized videos 

To make users feel valued you have to add a personalized message to it. It makes them feel special and happy as it can push them to buy the product.

17. Demonstration Video 

 Users after buying the product, you should assist them with the demonstration video as by seeing the video, users can easily handle the product.


Video plays a major role in creating awareness about the product, making people consider the product, and finally buying the product. We hope that using these 17 types of Product video content in your business strategy, will help convert leads into paying customers.   






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