3 Effective Ways To Grow and Make More Money For Your Video Website

Do you want to make more money with your video website?.we are here to guide you. If you are here, then you would know about the Video streaming industry. Viewers like to watch videos online, so it’s time to convert video creation into money. There are different ways to grow and make more money to run the video streaming business profitably. In this blog, we will show you video monetization models that are three different ways to turn video content into cash.

Video monetization

It is the process of generating revenue from video sharing on any platform online. Video monetization is making money with video creation. There are three different ways in which you can get paid for the videos. It means people will pay you to watch the video content. To monetize the video content, you need to make a plan accordingly. 

You have three different ways to sell videos online. All these ways are more suitable for on-demand video content, as you would have heard of the term Video on Demand (VOD). VOD is a platform where users can access the video at any time, anywhere.

Three different monetization models to choose from are Subscription based (SVOD), Transaction based (TVOD), Advertisement based (AVOD)

Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD) :

In SVOD, users pay monthly or annual recurring fees to access the entire video library indefinitely for a particular time period. This is similar to a Netflix subscription, where users pay monthly to access the video content. When users stop paying, they lose access to view video content.

This is the most profitable method for making more money. Many people love subscription platforms because they can access the entire video content library and that too without any ads in between. When subscribers are satisfied with the video service, they will subscribe to it again. This leads to the continuous flow of income in the long run.

Transaction Video on Demand (TVOD):

In TVOD, users pay a one-time payment fee to access the video content. Users can permanently access the particular video content for an entire lifetime or download it to watch it offline. There is another option where users can access the video content for a certain period for comparatively lesser fees.

This is similar to Apple iTunes, where users pay one-time payment fees to access the video content permanently. The transaction video model is also a highly profitable business model. It works well if the video covers all the different topics. The transaction model is also suitable for releasing new premium video content where particular video content is not available on other platforms.

TVOD can be merged with SVOD, for making more profits where TVOD can be used only for premium new and live video content on top of regular subscription services.

Advertisement Video On Demand(AVOD):

In AVOD, Users can access the video content freely on this platform. But users can have to watch advertisements in between main video content. Advertisers place ads in between video content. In return, video platform owners will get the money paid based on ad views or clicks. This is similar to the youtube model where ads are present at the start or somewhere between the video content. The more people interact with the ads, the more money video platform owners will get from advertisers. Video platforms with a larger audience base tend to make more money with advertisements. AVOD is very easy and cheap to set up depending on business goals it also results in earning more money.


Above mentioned three different ways is the best way to make more money with your video content. The first step is to build a video streaming platform that supports all three monetization methods. This is the place where people can find your video content and access them. Creating a video streaming website that runs on desktops and mobile will make your video content reach any people.  






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