Guide on How to make Changes in Video player Settings and Video Streaming Website Settings

In this tutorial, we are going to explain about How to make Changes in Video Player Settings and Video Streaming Website Settings

By default, we are on Flicknexs Home page. Click on the top right corner of the home page menu -> then click Admin section.

You are directed to Admin page

To make changes in Video Player

In Menu  -> Site ->Player UI option 

Player Settings Page appears on the screen and you have to customize the video player according to options available 

You can show the logo on the player by clicking on the button 

You can add skip intro button to have that option during the beginning of the video by clicking on the button 

You can add subtitles as a default option where subtitles appear on the screen when the video is played  


By further scrolling down the page, you can watermark video player under video player watermark settings 

Finally, click on Save  button on the bottom left of the page 

To make changes to Video Streaming Website 

In Menu -> Site Section->Settings Option -> Storefront Settings 

Site Settings page appears on the Screen

You can type in name of your site under Site Name text box

You can add a description of the site under Site Description Text box 

You can add logo and Favicon by clicking choose file button 

Moving onto other section PPV settings 

you can fix PPV pricing based on hour

Coming to the next section Video Setting

You have the option to type in the number of videos and posts to be displayed per page. Click on Update Settings Button

In the next section – Registration Setting

In this section, you can enable/ disable free registration, email verification and can give access to free content

Click on Update Settings Button

In Email Setting Section

you have the option to add email information and google analytics tracking id. 

With this system mail address, you can send emails to users regarding your video streaming platforms like new movie releases and feature updates.

In Social network Setting Section

In this section, you can social media page link of the website.

Different social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Skype, Google Plus and Whatsapp.

In New Subscription Setting Section

You have the option to enable or disable coupon and referral settings. You can type in the coupon code  Coupon code text box and discount percentage in discount text box.

By scrolling down the page, Login page setting section

you have the option to add login page information like login text and cover image, pusher notification, and email signature

You can add Notification icon by clicking on Choose File button 

In Advertisement Setting Section

In this section, you have the enable option to show ads in between the video and other  options related to advertisements 

In the next section, App Setting 

You can add Android and IOS URLs in the text box 

Click on Update Settings Button 

In Script Setting Section,

In this section, you can insert code into the header and footer section of the website by pasting codes on Header script CDN and Footer Script CDN to call codes inside header tags and footer tags.

In the final section, Default image setting 

In this section, you can add a default image for the site 

Finally, Click on Update Settings button at the bottom right corner of the page to save the changes.

To make changes in Home Page 

In Menu -> Site Section->Settings option -> Home Page settings 

Home page settings appear on the screen 

There are different sections on the home page: Featured video, Latest video, Category video, Live videos, audios, albums, and Series.

You can enable them or disable them by clicking on the radio button 

Finally, click on Save settings button 

Given below are two images of the home page when the latest video section and featured video section are added 


To Select Themes for Website  

In Menu -> Site Section->Settings option -> Theme settings 

Theme Setting page appears on the screen

There are two modes available Dark mode and Light Mode 

Select Site logo for both Dark mode and light mode by clicking on Choose File button 

Finally click on Save Settings Button

Theme Section

In Menu -> Site Section->Settings option -> Theme 

In this section, you choose the theme for the website from available theme templates

To Add or Delete Sliders to the home page 

In Menu -> Language section -> Sliders Option

Sliders Page appears on the screen 

You can add sliders by clicking on Add New Button 

You can edit or delete sliders by clicking on the respective button under Operation section 

This is how Sliders appears on the home page screen

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