Tips to Increase Your Videos Reach On Social Media Sites and its Importance

Once you have uploaded video into the platform or you’re ready to begin live streaming. The important part is that video content has to be watched by many people. To make more people view the video content it should be shared on social media sites where most of the target audience might be present. In this blog, we will look into tips to share videos on social media sites to attract an audience. 

Tips To Increase Video Reach On Social Media Sites

Identify audience

The first step is to identify who all your audience is? Where are they present? What type of social media do they use? Do they use smartphones or laptops? After finding out the answer to the above questions. You can get an idea about your target audience. you can reach out to a particular group of people to communicate. 

Sharing videos on social media sites

Many businesses or organizations have a habit of sharing videos on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and youtube. This gives their video reach a broader audience.

Embed your live stream or share URL on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and youtube.

Other ideas to increase reach 

There are also other ways to market an on-demand video content or live stream.

  • Sharing video links in the newsletter and sending them to potential customers.
  •  Try making teaser video content like short videos and sharing it on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and other platforms along with main video content links.
  • Consider other social media platforms like Pinterest, Reddit, Snapchat etc.
  • Add a reference to videos in brochures telling the audience how to stream video content.
  • Create high-quality video content: People on social media expect high-quality content. You can create quality content with the smartphone itself. Record videos in the rooms with a brighter background so that video is clear and record audio in a quiet room with less background noise. 
  • Create attraction and hook users with a good introduction: In the first few seconds of the video, tell users what this video is all about. You have to catch users’ attention in a few seconds; otherwise, users will move on to watch the next video. 
  • Creating video content with a good continuous flow: Video content should have a good introduction, main video content and it should end well.
  • Making yourself present in front of the camera creates trust in people’s minds and creates a good connection between business and the audience. People feel valued as you reply to their comments and questions.
  • Adding subtitles to the video content makes video content accessible for people who are hard of hearing. It also makes videos accessible for people who want to view videos on mute. Adding subtitles to video content will make the video reach a broader audience.

Importance of sharing video on social media sites 

Video is one of the best tools to grow your brand. Many businesses have invested in creating videos as it creates more lead generation and sales. Adding videos to the website increases SEO so that websites rank higher on the search engine results page. Video can be used for product explanation so that The audience can easily understand it.

Sharing videos on social media sites increases exposure, gains more leads and increases sales will be more appealing for the audience and will showcase the company image and much more. You need to set correct goals for the highest chance of success with videos on social media sites. The most common type of video shared by most businesses on social media sites is how-to videos, customer testimonials and Product videos. Sharing the video on social media channels creates a deeper connection with an audience.


Marketing video content should be based on a simple strategy with goals. Checking out the progress with analytics will let you know what’s working and what’s not working. With these tips to share videos on social media sites, you will reach more audiences and achieve your goals.






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