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Live Streaming Piracy

Who doesn’t appreciate freebies? Who doesn’t jump at the chance to receive their favorite items for free? Isn’t it exciting to be able to watch your favorite shows and movies for free online? However, did you realize that downloading piracy movie, show, and other media for free is illegal? Yes, you read that correctly. It’s a felony. Online Piracy is the legal term for this offense.

Why is piracy illegal?

Firstly, it is against the law to download free content from a piracy site without paying.

Simply said, online piracy is the unauthorized copying or distribution of software via the internet. You can accomplish this with some torrent software. Piracy on the internet is a significant business all around the world. However, it is fast gaining popularity in India. 

Many movie industries suffer losses due to this action when a third party steals and sells their content.
It is the same as stealing someone else’s hard work.

The Indian film industry is the world’s largest entertainment industry. Whereas Hollywood generates $1.26 billion each year, Bollywood earns $2.6 billion, but unfortunately, this industry is the most vulnerable to online piracy. India is ranked fifth in the world for online piracy, behind China and the United States.

The data reveals the amount of money lost to online TV and movie piracy between 2010 and 2016, as well as an estimate through 2022. According to the source, in 2022, the online TV and movie sectors in the United States will lose 11.58 billion dollars to piracy. source: Statista

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Here are some resources put together to help you better understand how piracy works.

Live streaming Piracy Sources

Recording in real time

The original content is recorded from the screen on which it is transmitted and then connected to a streaming device via an external camera. The audience receives the live content via a streaming server with a built-in Content Delivery Network.

The picture quality is poor, which is the sole drawback. As a result, there is less poor engagement.

Some of the methods to avoid forensic watermarking in this type of unlawful streaming include shrinking the transmitted content, D2A (digital 2 analog) conversion, frame rate alteration, and so on.

Screen capture

Screen recording is done on devices that have broadcasting software installed, such as open broadcaster software. The stream is captured using third-party software, and the content is subsequently sent to the streaming server.

Hosting pirated content

Digital content pirates release pirated video online or sell it to publishers/uploaders. The pirated copy of the content is subsequently uploaded to piracy cyberlockers or P2P/BitTorrent File Transfer by the uploader.

Piracy The use of cyberlockers for internet hosting is widespread among content pirates. It enables content publishers/uploaders to make streaming content available to the general public. According to the data, there are almost 490 active cyberlocker sites around the world at the moment.

It compensates the pirated content uploader for each time his or her content is downloaded or viewed from piracy site. The monetization of pirated video viewing is handled by Cyberlockers’ premium accounts, which are sold to customers and include high download speeds and other premium features.

BitTorrent is a protocol for transferring files

Files are transferred via a peer-to-peer network using the BitTorrent protocol. The streaming content is kept on several computers that are linked together.

Each party involved in online material distribution, from live streaming service providers to right holders, has experienced enormous losses as a result of piracy acts.

There are a few things you can take to prevent live stream piracy

Industries must use copy protection tactics in addition to offering high-quality information. It aids with the legal distribution .

Watermarking for forensic purposes

The benefits of forensic watermarking for content owners include putting a serial number in the original file. Copyright owners can determine when content was pirated and take appropriate action by identifying watermarks.

Monitoring and incident response operations in real time

You can’t halt live stream piracy download until you know what’s being pirated and where it’s coming from.

In the case of live stream piracy, knowing the source from which the streaming is pirated is critical to taking the appropriate action.

From the earliest pre-transmission stage to the live stage, a variety of high-end technologies are easily available to monitor live media streaming. Some processes are mechanized, while others are done by hand. Because of their effectiveness, live streaming service providers can detect and respond to piracy quickly.

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Upgrades to software

CCcam card sharing is well-known around the world as a reliable technique of obtaining illicit satellite streaming content. It enables user devices to access subscriptions based on the aggregation of legal subscription smart card authorisation.

The software upgrade of digital receivers is one of the most effective ways for preventing card sharing. Within the receiver given by the subscription television provider, a decryption layer is introduced. It uses decrypted ECM (Entitlement Control Message) to substitute the plain text control word delivered from the smart card to the receiver’s microcontroller.

Only the authorized receiver may decrypt the ECM, which works as an encrypted control word.

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Viewers seek access to premium content at a lower price than the broadcaster’s service pricing, which leads to live stream piracy. While broadcasters and other copyright holders of exclusive streaming material charge customers/viewers a legal fee, content piracy works as a middleman, upsetting the digital streaming ecosystem’s demand and supply chain.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to preventing streaming piracy. However, by employing anti-piracy procedures, streaming service providers/broadcasters can successfully decrease the pirate risk.

Dynamic Watermarking is a vital tool in the fight against content piracy that will unfold over time on servers and the internet. It isn’t a solution for live streaming piracy, but it is a useful tool for preventing rights holders and content providers from losing money to increasingly sophisticated criminal operations.

Another technique to ensure that the account is not shared by users is to limit each user’s total watch time. Because a user is unlikely to view a lecture twice or three times, you can limit the overall replay time for a video based on their behavior.

This way, you can be sure your video isn’t being watched by many people at the same time.

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