Magento 2 Marketing Extensions

Magento 2 Marketing Extensions: The Very Best Extensions Listed In 2022

Here, I try to list all the Magento 2 Marketing Extensions related to the Magento eCommerce platform.

Imaginative Minds suggest marketing extensions for Magento 2 to magnetize customers. All this to boost products and services sales online. Further, marketing campaigns in your Magento 2 online store is cool.

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That too with these powerful extensions is great to work with. Go all the way to know about the Magento 2 Marketing Extensions below. 

Magento 2  

Magento 2 Marketing Extensions: Every Extension Listed Here

Magento 2 is an open-source eCommerce platform with stunning features. Many call it the greatest eCommerce development platform with efficient, fully-featured capability.If you’re a Magento 2 user like a thousand others. Then you know that the default Magento system does not offer all the needs of online stores.

The Best Magento 2 Extensions In 2022

Magento 2 comes with a lot of features to support marketing activity. There is a process of integrating more elements to enhance platform functions. These elements in the Magento site are the Magento 2 Marketing extensions.Using these best Magento 2 Marketing extensions you can meet your eCommerce business requirements. A Magento 2 extension is a set of methods for adding more functions to a Magento store.

Magento 2 Marketing Extensions To Choose For Ecommerce Marketing


Some of the best Magento 2 Marketing Extensions are as follows:

Shipping restrictions

Lets you add per product shipping restrictions in marketing aspects, do it with Magento 2 Shiprocket extension. It includes specific zip codes, countries to which products that are not deliverable.

Free sample product

Suggests customers decide on sample products for free. In general, the base for this action is on the order total and rule settings.

Gift card

The Gift card extension for Magento 2 permits you to generate gift certificates. Also, it’s in turn increases your store sales.

Product review coupon incentive

Encourages customers to present their product reviews in a swap for a coupon.

Gift discount

Enlarge your sales let your visitors use gift cards, vouchers, coupons on purchases.

Fancy FAQ

Build a beautiful responsive FAQ page which comprises categories and questions with answers.

Product questions

Ease your customers to inquire about questions on the product page. So that admin can agree and respond with the answer.

CSV address importer

Allow customers to add many shipping addresses during checkout from a CSV file.

URL rewrites optimization

Plan a developer’s life easier through optimizing the process of URL rewrite index process. So then to develop it for a search engine friendly process.

Abandoned cart recovery

Recover abandoned carts by sending email notifications to link them back. Here the back means to the cart with a discretionary coupon code. 

Sales performance bundle

Bunch of six extensions to boost the sales performance bundle. It includes custom coupons, product reviews, gift cards, free samples, and cart recovery.

Advanced newsletter subscription

Bring together extra information about customers who sign up for your newsletter.

Loyalty reward points

Magento 2 Store Credits tool, Reward explore the best customers with points. Then hang on to them and motivate the profitable behavior of the new ones.

Popup widget

Create customizable popup to carry your special offers, attract, and channel web traffic. And to collect the Magento 2 site visitors Email addresses for future campaigns.

Gift registry

Help potential parents create and manage Magento wish list gift registries. Later inform their guests about the attractive Baby Shower gifts.

Donations ultimate  

Hold up the charities you and your customers care about most. Add a variety of donation options to your Magento 2 website. and check all the donation activities of your store.

Magento 2 extensions for better marketing in 2022


Some of the best Magento extensions for Ecommerce marketing are as follows:

Mailup extension

MailUp Extension is the best choice, for an improved solution to your transaction. Emails and newsletters include SMTP channels, running stores, and more.

Magemoney marketing extension

MailChimp and Mandrill products tools are somewhat inexpensive for Email Marketing. MageMonkey integrates with your favorite Email tools.

Dotmailer extension

For those who are looking for the most modern approach in Email Marketing. Then Dotmailer Extension is the best choice that provides great and intuitive design. With the ROI reporting feature, order notifications it drives traffic to the site. 

Email direct extension

EmailDirect Magento 2 Extension is a great one for the email marketing campaigns. It includes features like purchasing behavior overview and reporting. Now you can send product review request Emails to enhance your lead generation.

E-GOI extension

E-Goi Extension solution offers a valuable and affordable price for multi-channel marketing. It features a convenient widget layout with cool design and functionality.

Thus, it allows you to add functionality to your email marketing campaigns.


Every Marketing Extensions of Magento 2 you see here has the ability to provide effective marketing. Besides Email marketing solution for your online business, except what you choose.

So depending on the needs of your eCommerce business website with the best marketing services. 

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