Decoding Omnichannel Retailing Experience with Headless (2)

Decoding Omnichannel Retailing Experience with Headless

Learn how we decode the omnichannel retailing experience with Headless commerce development in this blog.

We at webnexs believe that when a company makes a human connection instead of a digital relationship, it creates an entirely different platform.

Omnichannel definition

It is the basis upon which to build and sustain a meaningful, long-term relationship with its customers. Webnexs believes this is where the opportunity lies. Simply put, omnichannel represents the evolution of customer service that empowers customers to interact with a brand via any media channel or device. 

Omnichannel Retailing: An Exclusive Customer Experience

Consumers can now regularly switch from an e-commerce website to a smartphone to a physical store. When researching and completing purchases, omnichannel is still a relatively emerging concept when researching and completing purchases. 

But it’s quickly becoming the new competitive imperative; successfully executing an omnichannel retailing strategy requires technological sophistication supported by friendly personnel. It may be someone who can make the customer feel known as they engage across different channels by providing consistent contextual handling.

A Real-time Omnichannel Retail Examples

Just imagine you need a car loan; it’s late at night. So you use your home computer to research your bank’s options. While browsing, a window appears asking if you want to speak with a live agent.

You select a video chat from the options. You are immediately connected to the bank’s cloud-based omnichannel platform, which tracks customers across all channels and aggregates terabytes of data for the live agent. 

However, a column James already has your entire profile on his screen when he says hello. James thanks you for being a bank customer for X number of years. He asks if he can provide additional information about their car loan policies and processes. You requested assistance in locating and completing an application, and James easily guides you through the steps, providing the necessary information to submit your application in the morning.

On your way to work the next day, you stop for a coffee and use your tablet; you quickly fill out and submit the loan application. The bank receives that, and a clerk notices that you failed to provide a piece of information. She also sees that you had a video chat with James the previous evening.

Decoding Omnichannel Retailing Experience with Headless

So she flags it for him to follow a person, which he does immediately by sending you a text through the bank’s app on your phone. You’re alerted immediately and can reply by clicking on the message option to speak with a live agent.

You’re quickly connected and identified as an existing customer amid a transaction. So your call bypasses the automated IVR system and is routed directly to James, who assists you in completing your transaction by phone.

Then, later, you receive an email from the bank to notify you that the loan has been approved. This is a perfect example of humans and technology working in concert across various channels to provide a seamless, personalized experience more than ever before. 

Customer service agents are the key to providing a world-class brand experience as the science of the customer experience continues to evolve with new technology. So, the more intelligent the analytics, the greater the need to provide a high-touch experience that genuinely wins the hearts and minds of consumers.

How to Achieve the Omnichannel Retailing Customer Experience with Headless?

Thus, your high-touch customer experiences must have an exceptional employee experience as their foundation. At the same time, we continue to embrace the latest high-tech approaches to deliver customer service to our clients with Headless technology. 

We never want to lose sight of surrounding our team members with what matters most to the clients looking to offer their eCommerce customers a complete omnichannel retailing experience with a new-age eCommerce solution called “Headless Commerce.”

We’re also heavily invested in the headless ecommerce development of our critical partners, so they can learn and grow through Webnexs support at a subsidized cost while working. Most importantly, we recognize that our team members want to be part of something bigger and more prominent clients. So we provide them with the opportunity to make a difference in their own customer experience and become increasingly recognized in many instances. 


That’s all about the omnichannel retailing experience for end users. Finding the right balance between high-tech and high-touch has never been more essential to attracting, delighting, and retaining your customers, whether you seek to accomplish this internally or develop a trusted outsourcing partnership externally.

This is how brands will thrive today and into the future in the new age of the digitized customer experience.

If you want to offer an omnichannel experience to your end users, give your attention to the Headless solution today.


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