PHP Frameworks: Best Among Them For Website Development

Best PHP frameworks for Website Developme

PHP Frameworks plays a vital role in building web applications and websites of different sizes. PHP Frameworks helps to develop complex websites, most of the complex websites across the world are built and developed using PHP code.

Since the PHP framework cannot develop a complex web application or websites like PHP code. But developing PHP code is the next to impossible if not the PHP Framework had fueled the massive growth.

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Basically, PHP frameworks are the tools for web developers to build complex websites and web applications. These frameworks can be properly used and utilized by only skilled developers who have exact utilization and a clear understanding of the frameworks and who choose the right framework.

If in this modern era the success of web development is dependent on speed of development and reusable features of the web applications and websites, hence it is advisable to choose already well-proven PHP Frameworks it is well organized to manage maintainable codes it can help developers to achieve their goals.

PHP Frameworks: Best For Web Development

PHP Frameworks offers readily available libraries and components as well as file and code structure. There are many other features and a useful benefit in PHP Frameworks. It is fun for developers to develop web applications with PHP Frameworks.

1. Laravel:

PHP Frameworks For Website Development - laravel

Laravel is one of the best PHP frameworks, Laravel released in 2011 it had robust development, and it is the best hosting platform. This PHP Framework is easy to handle, simple to use it also supports the speedy development of web applications. It has various features such as

  • Restful routing
  • Amazing ORM
  • Powerful queue library
  • Simple authentication
  • Lightweight templating engine  etc

PHP framework also has a packaged vagrant box called ‘Homestead’ and micro PHP Framework known as ‘Lumen ‘ these both features allow developers to build laravel based services and to start development, it is a well-tested and reliable PHP framework.

2. Symfony:

Symfony is also a well-known and useful PHP Frameworks, it is helpful for the web development of various complex enterprise projects. Symfony is taking ahead PHP framework to a different high level by having different features and reusable components.

The  different  features of Symfony are as follows

  • Best object configuration
  • Easy authentication
  • Appropriate form creation and templating

Symfony is a complete package with the best benefits and has the best reusable components. It is helping complex enterprise projects accomplishments, hence it is taking PHP Framework to the sneak peek. 

3. Phalcon:

Phalcon was released in 2012, it is another best and fastest PHP framework. Phalcon framework has different modern features such as routing query language, ORM, Universal auto-loader, catching, asset management, and security, etc..,

These features are very much necessary for every PHP framework these days in the market and mostly expected by every web developer and web application developer. Phalcon is one of the best frameworks written in C and C ++ t to reduce the lower resource space and to reach the highest level of performance optimization. Phalcon requires lower space hence it has a higher execution speed.

4. CodeIgniter:

CodeIgniter is another best Framework, it’s a lightweight framework and easy to learn framework compared to any other frameworks in the market today. It comes with the best features  as follows

  • Lightweight framework
  • Straight forward installation
  • Requires minimal configuration
  • Reduces time consumption
  • Easily avoids conflicts
  • It can be used with different dedicated hosting platforms

Most of the largest businesses use CodeIgniter websites largest users of CodeIgniter are followed by the technology, the shopping, and entertainment industry.

5. Yii:

PHP Frameworks For Website Development - yii

Yii is the oldest PHP framework, and it is released in the year 2008. It is integrated with, and AJAX-enabled features. It is easy to use and the latest version of the Yii framework is rapidly gaining popularity among web application developers. Yii facilitates rapid prototyping and object-oriented programming. Yii framework is purely object-oriented and provides a clean and logical code without any repetition.

6. Slim:

PHP Frameworks For Website Development - slimSlim is the best open-source unique featured PHP Framework. It is a complete package that provides developers with everything they need, it is easy to use and reduces time constraints since developers need not spend time learning it because the code base is very small. It provides the best  URL routing and also comes with class middleware architecture.

The best  features of Slim  are as follows

  • Best supportive framework
  • Easy to use
  • Encrypted cookies
  • Fully functional web applications

The slim framework is easy to use and handle, and it is one of the best supportive frameworks which allows developers to develop RESTful APIs and to easily develop fully functioned web applications.

7. Cake PHP:

Cake PHP was released in 2005, it is one f the best and highly ranked PHP Frameworks with modern features such as decoupling several components, improvised session management, capacity to create additional standalone libraries. It consists of tools such as composer, PSR-0, and PSR-1 it has also evolved with the times and drastically improved.

Cake PHP comes with the best features such as

  • high-level security
  • SQL injection prevention
  • Input validation
  • Cross-site request forgery protection
  • Cross-site scripting prevention etc..,

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9 responses to “PHP Frameworks: Best Among Them For Website Development”

  1. Dima Taras Avatar
    Dima Taras

    I just looked at YII2 it looked like junk. I probably stay with codeigniter. Laravel might be good choice

  2. Romain Avatar

    Awesome Collection! Thanks for sharing your Good experience through this effective and helpful tips.

  3. Arvind Prabhu Avatar
    Arvind Prabhu

    Symfony framework is really awesome you can already make good web applications with it.

  4. Sarah Jay Avatar
    Sarah Jay

    Thank you very much for Giving useful information about PHP framework.

  5. Ghasem Aladaghlou Avatar
    Ghasem Aladaghlou

    Good Stuff Collection about PHP framework. But CakePHP is great.

  6. Nikita sharma Avatar
    Nikita sharma

    Nice Post. This Article is Lot of information for website developers.
    Laravel framework is really Nice you can make good web development with it.
    Thanks for sharing this post.

  7. stefan Avatar

    CodeIgniter is simple to learn and an excellent choice for the beginners. You can learn it by yourself. Thanks for this article..

  8. Imran khan Avatar

    Which one is better?
    CodeIgniter or Yii

    1. Loganathan Avatar

      CodeIgniter is currently more popular. But both of them have their own purpose to be used. For larger scale web applications Yii (Yes It Is) is powerful component-based and complete web-based framework. While for a simple web application CodeIgniter is best and more than an MVC framework and it’s great for beginners.

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