Piscine – A Romanian Online Marketplace Making Quick ROI In 2022

Learn how the Piscine – an online marketplace platform makes ROI with Webnexs marketplace solution.

Piscine – an eCommerce store offering personalized products and services with thousands of products ranging from familiar categories appliances, electronics, sports and fitness, books and music, entertainment. 

Piscine is an expert in eCommerce distribution and selling that continually relies on the conventional online store for sales and revenue. Still have a dream of doing a wider, penetrative business and good reaping than now. 

Webnexs was engaged to bring their business dream come true and launched their first online marketplace in and around Romania with Piscine, previously known as Aquatics. 

They partnered with us for some advanced eCommerce items to build an online marketplace website, install a visually stunning storefront with a super-cool theme, and migrate products to serve a fantastic user experience and tons of customization, majorly.

Webnexs aimed to deliver a keen business plan drafted with detailed craftsmanship in implementing the marketplace solution on a simple web store. Aiming to bridge the gap using the marketplace platform to onboard vendors, reach larger markets, product handling capacities, etc. 

Between, the most important solution that Piscine wanted to have on their site was a Marketplace solution to scale their growth and improve their user experience.

Piscine’s Magento marketplace is live to make top-gear ROI

As we analyzed Piscine’s business requirement, all they wanted was to turn their “small-business” website into a big eCommerce platform(marketplace website like Amazon, they intended us with no idea of the existence of marketplace solution).

Piscine’s Magento marketplace

Besides needing a marketplace solution, several other marketplace features were requested by them:

  • Multi-User, Multi-management for both Seller & Buyer
  • Seamless vendor management
  • And other key features required in a Multi-Vendor Marketplace.

Webnexs’s Marketplace extension for Magento 2 was implemented on the Piscine based on the queries and requirements. We suggested they go with on top of the Magento eCommerce platform. Webnexs Marketplace extension comes with several business features that are specially customized.

Glimpse Of Hopeful design – Alo package theme

Piscine don’t want to get into the headache of having a custom design for their business, as they haven’t witnessed any tailored design team or seen only a design team with limited skills. It’s sad, though. But they love having a good looking website that users’ fall for.

But now the best thing about the onboarding Webnexs design team is that we made every page of Piscine all fairy tales and fluffy bunnies. Whereas it’s not for all, but we did for the client; we installed a fantastic – Alo_expert_package theme.

There is no doubt, after installing the Alo theme, they soon realized there is an award-winning website ready to serve the shoppers world. 

As the client recommended “the Alo_expert_package” we did that installation as per his requirement.

We’ve designed very many beautiful, highly customizable Magento websites and installed themes that will turn even a newbie into a pro website.

So you’re not a well-designer, but you need an ample looking website? Fortunately, there are no longer restrictions for having a good website design.

We can help you in designing your eCommerce website; check here!!!

If you’re interested in knowing more about what we did for our clients, you really need to read all our client’s success stories here. 

From WordPress to Powerful Magento 2

Piscine’s previous website version was on one of the simple and quickie eCommerce platforms – WordPress; simple necessarily didn’t mean a good one, right? Like agreeing with the thought, Piscine’s WordPress version of the site didn’t give them the robustness in having thousands of products in hand and the capacity to manage them all under singlehood. 

They thought if they still stayed, they would miss further business expansion opportunities to be the best in showcasing their product catalog in the world of e-shoppers. 

Their fear is quite evident, like many other WordPress users who are still playing low in offering their online shoppers a groomed and fashionable user experience to better showcase their rugs.

So they thought that their newer version of the website should be more functional and could manage and handle millions of products, unlike the thousands previously. 

WordPress to Powerful Magento 2

Though WooCommerce is a good platform, to begin with, it cannot handle the needs of a budding business. It can neither scale-up nor provide you with the flexibility that you will require when your business starts growing. So this may limit the growth of your business.

So we Webnexs analyzed and advised them to go for a complete platform migration from WordPress to Magento 2 platform, majorly the product data migration, to have their operations seamless. 

Once after that, their business grows exponentially, offering a myriad of products and services that have taken them a giant leap in the online market. No doubt, it’s all because of their choice of moving from WordPress to Magento, for sure.

It’s way more efficient to opt for specialized platforms when managing eCommerce stores.

We were fully responsible for developing the Magento 2 based website, from data migration and basic customization. 

Key success factors

  1. Significant upgrade of the platform in terms of speed and improved user experience.
  2. The client was well aware of the importance of migrating from WordPress to Magento 2 as it’s the focus area we suggested.
  3. Involving the dedicated Magento dev team early on in the project helped optimize the resources. 

Are you interested in more suggestions regarding migration to Magento 2? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

It may sound overwhelming, but the efforts you will put into making a switch from WooCommerce to Magento will help you flourish your business extensively as to how the Piscine online marketplace scaled and made higher ROI.


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