What are all the Pricing and Timeline features of SMB E-commerce business at Webnexs

Here in this article, I would like to share the list of pricing and timeline  features of SMB E-commerce business at Webnexs.

  • Cross Selling:

Increases your sales up to 30%. Allows to visualize the suggestions depending on the product or products added in cart. Unlimited suggestions per product. Also, the products purchased by other customers also displayed. See the percentage increased revenue.

  • Loyalty:

Build customer loyalty by offering discount vouchers for the future use of the customers. This module is easy to use and vendor can set validity period for the customers for using their unlimited number of discount vouchers.

  • Advertising Block:

Allow vendor to easily insert any images or videos, anywhere of their e-commerce store. Easily present special offers, promotions, sales, new products or any kind of advertisement in an engaging visual to increase their sales. Also make revenue by giving that advertising sections to any other website.

  • Best Manufacturer Block:

Displays a block with manufacturers detailed information and can make up the logo block and category page. Helps to improve their cross-selling between products from the similar manufacturer.

  • Customer Referral Program:

Set up a flexible system of bonuses for referrals and by this referral program vendor can get new customers and also customer retention. Increases sales without any further investments for their shop.

  • Expected Date Of Delivery:

Permit their customers to know about the delivery date and deliver method. Vendor can customize the least interval time between the order and delivery date. Same day delivery times are customizable as it can be mechanically listed as unavailable to get smooth connection between vendor and their customers.

  • Customer Emails (Template Manager Drag and Drop Design):

Permits vendor to interchange and vary the template of their transactional emails such as the registration proof or order proof without appointing a designer. Content and transformations automatically regain for traditional transaction emails.

  • EU Vat Number/ Generator:

Let their customer to enter their VAT number which vary the group based on country. Automatically or manually vendor can transfer the customers according to a group of his country if their trade policy varies in each European countries.

  • Save Favorite Product:

Proposed to examine the products from favorite list of a customer on a separate page and customer can sort the products from the wish list. Vendor can change the section’s title. Facilitates for Customers. Displays collection of statistics by customers. Easily adaptable and responsible one.

  • On Board (tutorial):

Generate a few seconds engaging content in their shop. No skills needed. Create exciting tutorial to guide the customers to access vendor store. Exhibit the product guides, policy, user manuals through tutorial, it helps the customers to access your website effortlessly and vendor can gain more potential customers.

  • Pay Cash On Delivery:

Increase vendor’s sales. Vendor can compensate the additional cost of this transportation method by charging a fee from the customer. For customers who don’t believe in other payment method, then cash on delivery is a perfect solution for them.

  • Shipping Estimate:

Permit the customers to choose the shipping method before passing. Vendor can organize the shipping preference settings, packaging settings and can ship their products all over the world.

  • Front Office Tracking (affiliate tracking):

Gets notification via email when affiliates logs into their shop. Subscribe to the login of limited users. Vendor can customize their tracking list. Display time in readable human.

  • Website Conversation Increase (abandoned cart):

Presenting the suggestions without any delay to your customers throughout the checkout process. Increases vendor Store sales. Increase your conversion rate by 15% by sending abandoned cart reminder emails. Keep customers on vendor website by providing promotional messages, recommended products etc.

  • Product Image WaterMark:

Enhances brand awareness. Customers can easily find out the products they are looking for. Attractive product image with watermark will pull the customers towards vendor’s website. A way to increase vemdor e-commerce search engine visibility.

  • Zendesk Ticketing System:

Get better relationship with their customers. Vendor can see the fresh orders placed by customers inside Zendesk. Also the details of the orders such as Status, total and creation date and Vendor should satisfy the customers need. If their customer gets better support available then vendor sales volume will increases.

  • Zip Code Checker:

Vendor can offer their customer a choice to check it up easily and quickly using Zip codes that whether the product is available for delivery. Helps vendor to avoid shipping problems with the regarding zip codes in the delivery address.

Click here to know about how a store can dynamically change based on customer region or Contact Webnexs for further information.


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