Process of Shipping on SMB e-commerce business with Webnexs

Here in this article, I would like to share few information about process of shipping on SMB e-commerce business with Webnexs.


Shipping are one of the major component for any ecommerce business. Every store integrate shipping services for their customers for purchasing the products. Shipping is vital one in doing ecommerce business because once the stores order is placed, customers satisfactions will be hand over to the shipping partners only.

List of Shipping’s Partners that can be integrated with SMB):

  • Blue Dart
  • FedEx
  • DHL Express
  • boxberry
  • Delhivery
  • GATI
  • OnlineXpress
  • DIDC
  • Aramex
  • UPS
  • Ecom Express

Shipping Process with SMB:

For every SMB eCommerce business they need shipping partners to deliver their products all over the world. Shipment plays vital role in doing eCommerce business. Once the order is placed in any store they will scan the bar code of that product and check the availability to deliver the product to customers destination. Every store will maintain partnership with the shipping companies for delivering their products.

The product will be packed primarily with the stores branded packaging material and facilitate customers to identify their products easily, through that package brand trust will be build. After the product get packed safely, then make sure that that you affixed the details of the order.

Shipping label presents key information like address and contact details that helps to move package from the stores location to the customers doorstep.

Invoice is fundamental one to connect it with store’s package before shipping takes place. Invoice includes the cost of the product packed comprise tax format.

Important note is that packing slip is not a replacement for an invoice, packing slip should not be shipping to the customer.

For shipping products from a country to country or state to state then Regulatory form is an essential one to reach customer before the delivery date.

Shipping partners of the eCommerce store will take care of the products that is ordered by the customers with their containers. Each and every Shipping companies will have their own process and procedures for shipping the products.

To build customer loyalty, shipping speed and cost plays vital role. Nowadays, e-commerce business have a lot of competition, most of the customer choose “free” over “fast”. So, Webnexs will direct SMB’s to pick right shipping partners.

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