Sell, Deliver and Manage Store Hassle Free With ESS

Either it’s a startup or Highly potential business, Its important to capture, track, and fulfill orders for the success of the store. ESS is designed to handle ecommerce alongside multi-channel and multi-location Orders and sales.

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Multi-channel unified order lists

With ESS automated order management system, you don’t need to juggle invoice sheets or clipboards full of open orders. Just open the order you want to work with within clicks. Search by customer or product, or sort through all your open orders from all your sales channels at once.

Check summaries of open orders

Have a bird’s-eye view of what needs to be shipped with ESS Simple item summaries. Select a group of orders and get an itemized list of what items need to be fulfilled for them. Use item summaries to create pick lists or to double-check your stock or purchasing needs for the day.

Organize with tags and fulfillment statuses

Create custom internal tags, like “Out of stock” or “Hold for tomorrow”, to keep track of your orders. Color-code your tags to help tell them apart at a glance. See which step each order is going through in your fulfillment process with order status updates and history.

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Create and process manual orders/payments

Take phone orders and offline orders quickly and easily. Skip the hoop-jumping to create an order in one of your sales channels; just fill in the customer information, add the items requested, and save the order. Once the order is saved, your team can pick and ship the order with ease.

Already got a Running ecommerce store? No worries! You are just steps away to integrate Delivery and Inventory management/intranet. 

Add-on ESS to your businesses today! Doing Online Store business isn’t that much complicated.  

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