Top 10 Best picks of open source tools for Web Developer

We provide a best open source for web developers. Every developer needs to be well equipped with the web development toolkit to build best and more complex websites. From the wide range of web development tools available in the market, we provide the best picks here for best website building process. In these recent days websites are getting more and more complex, hence web developers must and should require a best and sophisticated advanced web development tools. There are lots many web development tools are available in the market, as well as constantly being introduced into market everyday but it’s very tedious and critical process to select the best out of these web development tools. As a web developer, you must choose best among the available web development tools in the market.

This article helps each and every web developers to choose best available open source web development tools, which plays an effective role in the process of web development. Here are the best picks below for a successful web developer to develop or create the best websites.

1. Node.js


Node.Js was written by Ryan Dahl in the year 2009. The initial release of this open source was only supported by Linux operating system. It is an open source, multi-platform, javascript based source built around a chrome V8 engine. It helps to develop a variety of web applications. Node is an event-driven and non -blocking feature which makes it a lightweight and very efficient.



Bootstrap is a best open source similar to brackets; it is an open source framework, most famous framework which is based on HTML, CSS, and Javascript. It is most widely used framework used by many web developers all around the world for developing a best responsive web application. This best open source was developed and designed by Mark Otto and Jacob Thronton in the year 2011

3.Angular JS


Angular JS was designed by Google employee MiskoHevery in June 2012. It is an open source structural framework which is very much useful for web developers to develop and create a best and to design dynamic websites. Angular is designed to work with the javascript based framework, this framework requires continuous site updation, depending on the changes in the data.



Brackets is an open source lightweight, modern text editor developed by Adobe Systems. It is licensed under the MIT license. This open source is written in HTML, CSS, and javascript. Brackets provide an independent platform for web developers with the exclusive editor as well as best focus on web development.

5. Bower


Bower is one of the best supportive open source available in the market. It is an awesome open source package manager available for web applications. This supportive package helps developers to overcome the hindrance of installing many additional plugins when installing a package. A developer needs to install a lot of packages while building a website, but when a browser is enabled it helps in automatically fetching and installing. This is one of the unique features available with Bower. The main objective of Bower is not just to minimize codes, but to install essential packages and its dependencies which are essentially required for a project completion.

6. Gulp.js


Gulp.js is another competitive open source available in the market, it is a powerful and extensible javascript library, and it is well developed with automation library which prefers code over configuration. Gulp.js is majorly used to automate web development workflow such as bundling, CSS pre-processor, compilation, testing, optimization etc.,

7. MongoDB


MongoDB is a special source written in C++. It is a free and open source database available in the market. MongoDB is a document-oriented database, which stores documents in a collection. MongoDB was designed by a 10gen company in 2007. MongoDB is effective as well as ideal for object-oriented programming. It is one of the best and leading NoSQL database, It uses JSON-like documents, it is also an open format, schema-less database. Hence it always has the best place in the market for these special and unique features.

8. Syntantically Awesome Style Sheets (Sass)

Syntantically Awesome Style Sheets (Sass)

Sass is an open source designed by Hampton Catlin. Using this effective source we can simplify and make large and complex style sheets easier to understand and maintain for future references. Sass is CSS pre-processor, which plays an effective role in writing reusable, extensible and maintainable code. Sass has an uniques elements as follows for writing effective codes variables, mixins, and nesting of selectors, functions as well as expressions.

9. GitLab


GitLab is another best open source web development kit available in the market for web developers. It is a Web-based Git repository manager. It has various special features like code reviews, access controls, issue tracking, activity feeds as well as activity wikis. GitLab is a best well known open source available in the market not only for special features but also for continuous integration and deployment built in, which helps to test, build and deploy code. GitLab is developed by GitLabInc and written by Dmitry Zaporozchets and Valery Sizov.

10. ReactJS


ReactJs is one of the best available open source, which is declarative and with best effective and efficient javascript library for designing effective user interfaces. The unique data binding feature of reacting makes it one of the most popular and reputed javascript libraries. ReactJS was developed by Facebook and written by a software engineer, Jordan walke. This Reputed javascript libraries maintained by facebook’s product infrastructure and Instagram’s user interface teams.

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