Top Online selling platforms of 2022

Top Online Selling Platforms For Your Small Ecommerce Business

Learn some top online selling platforms for small and medium eCommerce businesses here in this article.

Making quick money has been always the talk of everyone today and there is no waiton whatsoever reasons. Even you reading this blog would at sometimes thought to make some quick money. Online selling platforms are to make easy money, unlimited, but not generally quick;the wait period is more than normal channels, as with my experience.

I have been marketing several businesses past 9 years as and eversince then, I see there is no quick fix to this. But you can gradually make some good money by investing your time and effort every day on the Online selling platforms (Technology and Digital Marketing) that are much relevant to your goal.


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Rapidity of change is always a factor in determining the best technology for your selling store. Technologies are getting updating more at a pace than what could mankind adapt to the evolution. Disregard for the advancements, there are some basic core technological solutions which can help you to achieve your dreams. Core’s never change much though.

The first option from me about helping you to sell online is, having your own hosted ecommerce solutions. Now comes the question what is meant by hosted ecommerce application?

A hosted ecommerce solution is the one where you own the stores’ technology. As like you own the domain name, you own the technology part of the store as well. You are free to tweak the stores to the level you would like to have them performing. You can choose any kind of server setup that is required for the store from time to time.

Why do I speak of the server setup here? Why it is so-much important to be thought of?

How to start selling on online any platforms?

I’m presenting you with an analogue for the server setup. When you look around for renting a home, you see as per your convenience, you look forward for easily stacking the materials you have and you would love to stack them in a way that it could be well manageable and easily accessible. Server setup is the same.

You find some space, a manageable space that is well required for your store to be manageable. If the store isn’t easily managed, the performance could lag; well this is all a part of managing the hosted ecommerce solution. Many could solicit that instead of these complexities, you can go with SAAS on something like Shopify.

It’s good, but you are tied up perpetual with their platform and pay them each month. If you would like to scale, you need to pay more. Wherein, the same level of management, in the long run, with hosted solution is much cheap and easier once you come in handy with the operations.

Regarding the technologies, there are Magento, Prestashop solutions. These are the #1 and #2 solutions in Ecommerce today approximately having over 3,00,000 stores and 2,50,000 stores. These Ecommerce engines are so strong and durable. You could hardly find a single bug in the programme.

But you need to have your front store designed as per your necessity and add few functions which these engines might not offer. That’s where the developers play role.
(And that’s why we offer a bug free guarantee programme when we sell)

Best selling platforms for  scaling your online business

Top available online selling platforms for my small ecommerce business

There are over 350+ features where Magento boasts them with and there is almost anything possible with Magento, that you like to do in your store. If you need a clean inventory management system, customer management system, orders, or administrations system or signification others, everything is already in its matured form with Magento.

Also, the Magento platform has a community of over 60,000 global developers who had already tested the platform for any future breakups. So embarking your journey on such a time tested solution will naturally be the best choice for you. It’s since the last 10 years; the face of the ecommerce industry has been seeing a change through these platforms.


Prestashop development is never a less performer. They perform well for start-ups. The level of server expenditure you would accrue with Prestashop as compared to Magneto is much lesser. Magento consumes 3X of what Prestashop would need to run your store smooth.

Plus, Prestashop is found to support 1 million inventories with a server of 16 GB RAM under the peak load of 250 Visitor/ second which had 5 simultaneous checkouts. You can obliviously tweak them to your necessity. It can perform 25checkouts per second, provided you are optimising the store for that possibility.

The one I mean here is, you have the store, but the number of POS machines you provide determines the number of checkouts/second. If you are able to optimise you checkouts and provide more nodes to assist this operation, the checkout number will be more /second.

How do I market my Online store:

Your digital journey for an ecommerce store traverses through pre-sales to post-development phase. The journey is here.

Business Idea understanding –> wire framing ( by fragmentations, defining user experiences)  –> Designing(UI) based on the UX defined in wireframes  –> Coding them to the core of the technology –> deployment to demo server  –> Testing on Demo Server  –> Preparing live server  –> Deployment of codes — > Launch.

Through these stages in the ecommerce development process, you are passing them or you can pass them or traverse them, which means you are completing the operations required at that stage. But the ever-perpetuating stuff is digital marketing.

Digital Marketing never ends until you give a second thought about the business.  You have to proceed on with the following steps one by one and day by day.

Top available online selling platforms for my small ecommerce business

The above image is a picture of the general Digital Marketing strategy. I understand, there would be many missing pieces. It might not be feasible to bring in all the pictures under this single blog, but I hope to speak out on them sooner.

Though I have been giving out a general strategy, we should have our own strategy, a star plan that can help in driving leads. And follow other strategies mentioned as they too bringing the value, but not as your star plan could deliver your results.

The key to understand your star plan is the vital process. One miscalculated journey will cost a lot before we could be aware of awry. Successful businesses focus on one common denominator – Making perennial resource out from a customer. I mean, they try to engage each customer and focus to turn them out as their brand advocate. That’s how businesses grow.

Example: has been consistently delivering excellent halwas and they started with 10 Kilo sales / day to a whooping 2500 kilo sales now, with retail (Offline) shops opened recently. It’s the customer centric perspective, the user’s experiences, which are given as input to make a successful business.

They sit on the massive superstructure called customer experiences.  Their Customer Experience Managers always focused on the pain points and tried to give out the better solution where they kept them cozy. Sometimes, to offset the pain, they gave away kilograms of halwas as free. They harnessed thousands of brand advocates very quick.

The next take is,

You can think, should I only sell in my store to reach out and make sales or can I use other online selling platforms to make this sales happen?

This question is self-answering by itself based on your business goal. If you have framed goal to make sales and not anything else, you can try to engage your business with other market places.  You can list them in Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Jabong, Cobone, Namshi, Alibaba, Folksy, Rakuten, Move Loot, Bigcartel, Craigslist, Dubizzle, Ali-Express etc.

Wrapping up

As a startup these online selling platforms help you to leverage their online presence and brand identity to help you sell your products to masses. Till the time, your product is becoming the new brand of the city and you have a huge fan following, this strategy can also work out.

But if you have other goals, like keeping the brand away from these marketplaces and sell it via its unique brand banners, you need to stick on to your ecommerce platform.


After these, you can also take your ecommerce products and list them in popular classifieds across your geographical boundaries. So give a link back to your ecommerce store thereby increasing more footfalls from aggregated places, this will increase the number of visitors to your page each day.

If the traffic falling to your website is the target audience, which can be determined by the average time on site, and sales rate (conversion rate).

Having said the above, you can easily understand on the top available online selling platforms that you could leverage for your small ecommerce business and make some quick money.

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