Top Enterprise Ecommerce Platforms to Start In 2022

Top Enterprise Ecommerce Platforms to Start In 2022 (2)

Learn more about the best Enterprise ecommerce platforms to develop an online store in 2022.

If you’re looking to build an e-commerce platform, there are some vital steps. What product to sell? To whom should I sell? How to market the product you sell. But, but wait, above all, there is another crucial thing to focus on to have a breakthrough in ecommerce; what’s that? 

Nothing but choosing the right one from the classy enterprise ecommerce platforms to start developing your online business.

There are three broad ecommerce platform options available for you to choose from:

Not all of the above ecommerce platforms are bundled with many features and functionalities. So it’s better to choose the best one that suits your business immediately.

Let’s start discussing one by one:

List of Enterprise ecommerce platforms to go online presence

Headless Ecommerce

Headless ecommerce is a smart ecommerce solution that fulfils today’s consumers’ demands. The headless approach offers excellent control over the development part and offers robust flexibility. There are gone the days when shoppers bought products online via desktop; now, with today’s jump-start, buyers are looking to purchase products on the go. On the go, in a sense, via the very latest devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and IoT devices. 

Headless commerce made everything possible and transformed every retailer’s dream into reality in the eCommerce realm. It is all possible due to the decoupled architecture of the headless CMS, as there is a separation of front and backend that offers better interaction. This reduces many users’ friction without affecting the critical backend systems. The headless approach aims to provide better customization and advanced flexibility to build even enterprise-level eCommerce altogether.

Open source Ecommerce Platforms

An open source ecommerce platform is something where you can have full access to the entire code base that operates the website. In an open source solution, you either own the code or pay a license for using the code. Typically, any modifications can be made by the owner, you, or your in-house e-commerce developer. 

With open source, you can’t make or design the eCommerce platform as you want, as it comes with many constraints that stop you from customizing the eCommerce platform that suits your business needs. So if you’re looking to build a customizable platform or an enterprise-level eCommerce website, open-source eCommerce is not a good fit for your business idea.

Enterprise SaaS Ecommerce

Unlike open source ecommerce, SaaS platforms come with a minimum price tag to be paid in the form of a subscription fee to use the software. These subscription fees cost you to use the software, hosting, updates, platform access, exclusive features, and no-hassle security patches. These SaaS ecommerce solutions are easy to use, but they cost you many regular monthly fees that add to the total operating costs. 

But the thing is, the list doesn’t stop you there. Still, there are many things to consider, such as agency fees if you use more than you subscribed for, additional apps, and extensions to extend the platform’s features and functionalities. Additionally, there are integrations into the system that cost you separately. So keep in mind that each platform upgrade will cost you more per month as your business grows.


So that’s all about the enterprise eCommerce platforms, so deciding between Headless Commerce, open-source platforms, and SaaS ecommerce is challenging and requires much study. 

All you need to do is to choose the best one that suits your business—an all-in-one platform now and one that will grow with you. Luckily, we have an opinion on the right eCommerce platform that fits all business sizes, from small and medium to enterprise-grade businesses. Headless commerce is one such eCommerce solution that wins the race here. 

Webnexs headless API offers a great option to go with the best digital presence at a lower cost and proven faster time to market.

Flexibility is the key to creating custom integrations and functionality; Webnexs headless solution is a win-win for any size eCommerce business.


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