Top Reasons Why CodeIgniter Framework Is Better Than Other Frameworks

Each and every time we will be seeing discussion about which framework is best. CodeIgniter Framework is more famous and better PHP framework than anyother framework, it is the first choice for numerous skillful web developers and programmers. In this blog, we show you the top reasons why CodeIgniter Framework is better than other. Knowing these reasons, you can learn the capacity and standard of this PHP framework.

Reasons Why CodeIgniter Framework Is Better Than Other Frameworks:

Implementation Time:

Implementation time is the first and foremost significant thing which attract each and every developers towards CodeIgniter. CodeIgniter PHP framework responds very quickly.


Codeigniter MVC Framework has a very simple configuration, you first need to install the framework according to your system configuration in the config.php library at the time of programming, database, and open all those rows and save it. You do not have to write a database name every time. “Write once use everywhere”.

Security And Encryption:

Everyone needs a free and secure free hack site. Their site must be protected from CSRF / XSRF attacks and SQL engines. Using the framework can be achieved using the site’s security classes and libraries. Some of the most libraries in the codeIgniter have these security issues done in the most minimal and easy steps.

Fewer Code And Faster Development:

PHP is called rapid development framework. You have to write less code, which means less time for typing. For every new project you do not have to throw 3rd party libraries at all times because most of them come with default configuration.

Excellent Documentation:

Biggest benefit of CodeIgniter over any other framework is documentation. CodeIgniter documents are 10 times better than any other system. If you want to follow a certain set of rules and you want to add more than defined, live in any structure you need help or documentation about something specific. CodeIgniter contains a comprehensive and clear documentation that helps users to think outside of the box.

Community Support:

better user community will work when you have a problem or question. CodeIgniter website has a forum and a Wiki when you are looking for answers. Confused group mailing lists or chat channels are not just a quick answer to a question. Many people use a source code on the web so you can get your effect.

Easy to Handle Errors:

Error handling Most PHP frameworks are easy but with CodeIgniter you have to write a line code to enable all errors to appear before. That is why you can check the code problem and easily adjust it

integration with Database:

CodeIgniter provides relevant databases by default with MySQL or PostgreSQL. However, CodeIgniter does not come with a composer in nature, so third party libraries like Mongo have to copy and copy the files that you test yourself. CodeIgniter database support is limited. The same database tools are not available as Laravel. However, CodeIgniter comes with its own ORM tool.

Structure and Updates:

This system provides MVC (model-view-controller) and easy-boarding. Object-Oreinted programming is based, but most developers use it according to their needs. Case-free framework. Still there is no support for composer and middleware.

Libraries and online help:

CodeIgniter provides a lot of built-in functions and has a handy guide to use on their website. However, there is a general idea that other structures such as Laravel or Yii do not provide the same size coordinator for third-party libraries.

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