Tunnel Your Right Customer To Right Products

Product categories are hierarchy structure of the store. ESS helps to create manage categories based on industries, functionality, customer needs, Customer preferences, convenience, Quality and performances. Categories come in handy to target the specific customer and make sales.

Always be Drag and Drop:

Manage your product categories images  and sort to change on the front end with simple drag and drop features.  No need to put your head on complex any more.

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Optimized your product filters:

Sorting is not the only way a user can find the products they want, it’s a great way to help users narrow down their choices and make a perfect purchasing decision.

Plan your Breadcrumb for shops usability:

Increase shop usability and conversion rates. Categories the breadcrumb with Location based that used for navigation schemes that have multiple level

Need  to integrate ESS on your Existing system? Our sales Specialist can help you to architect perfect solution to your business.





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