What are the Features of a Secure Online Video Platforms?

eatures of a Secure Online Video Platforms

“Protect_Safeguard_Monitor_Lock_Encrypt_Deliver your online video content with shielded technology.”

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Online video platform (OVP) is a vigorous & innovative technology that deals from Individual businesses to different kinds of industries and also the government is routinely utilizing these services. But It is very important to secure your online video platform for making advantage with this technology. Higher Utilization of the internet increases Security Risks.

We must provide the essential security features in selecting a reliable online video platform (OVP). Webnexs Solution conveys the best features for making a secured video platform in delivering Live stream/On-demand video content.

Features OF Online Video Platforms:

Password protection:

The most basic form of providing security for videos is password protection. This feature enables you to set a proper password setting for your video content for restricting unknown party access. Ensure about the protection of your password, your stream will be braced. 

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Territorial/domain Restrictions:

Webnexs Solution preserves your online video content in two excellent ways.

First, Domain Restriction. It indicates the functions for limiting the domains on which your stream is supported. On applying this feature, You can alter the websites in programming which kind of contents grants access to play. After that, If you are implanting your video on other websites, it results in negative. Also, It restricts third party access in attempting to steal your secured code.

Second, Territorial Restriction. Using IP addresses, we have to whitelist the countries. We have to give permission to opting countries in watching your video content. It provides a highly authoritative and strong security surface.

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Payment Security:

Payment Security is a critical path When you are trying to monetize your live stream/online content. Webnexs constructs an in-built payment facility. Without delicate payment security procedures, you may lose many viewers in default of mixed-content caution. Viewers who make purchases in the live/video streams are authorized to log in one particular device with their authentic ID’s.

Aggressive token security system:

Another feature is Tokenized Video Delivery for ensuring video protection. When you are inserting your video content in any site or share it in any place, this defence will initiate. This assures the domain/territorial restrictions, also ensures the security measures are frequently inspected and cross-verified.

System monitoring:

System Monitoring involves the protection of streaming services in both computerized and human-managed security study, analysis, and verification. Website/Department managers keep an eye on system nobility and access them properly.

HTTPS video delivery:

HTTPS refers to Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, which is a coded web communication standard used by many industries for keeping the data in private. 

This system provides security on three levels. 

  • First, it stops the interference movement. Encrypted data cannot be altered while moving between the internet slightly it disturbs the data adequately. 
  • Second, It guarantees Verification. You can assure that data sent via HTTPS links are truly authentic. 
  • Third, Combination with HLS streaming protocol, HTTPS provides protection from monitoring. 

AES video encryption:

AES stands for Advanced Encryption Standard. It protects information and is implemented in software/hardware across locations to encrypt delicate data.

In video streaming, Providers add the AES tool for security issues. When the video is coded, a special key climbs in the video content. The Viewer has to maintain the correct access key for accessing the smooth flow of watching the video contents. Also, Viewers have access to AES-encrypted video through their Internet web browser and secure HTTPS links.


Make your online video platform with additional security features in adapting fresh & innovative technology. Webnexs Solutions offers the best & specialized features in securing your online content with well-built protocols and servers.

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