What is Live Streaming?

Live Streaming

Live Streaming” Or “Live Casting” refers to the term which is used to illustrate the method of broadcasting real-time, live video footage or video feed to the viewers who are all accessing the video stream over the internet. The viewing device can either be a desktop computer, laptop, Smartphone or digital screen and can be viewed at home, at the office or in a brick and mortar places like a movie theater, restaurant, house of worship or sporting stadium. The broadcast can be both video or audio. Viewers can also communicate with each other during the broadcast through text chat, voice or webcam video also. Live Streaming is a new way to reach out and have a discussion with your clients and prospects. A high quality, multi-person video conversation can be held without paying any subscriptions. Live Streaming can be used strategically for ranking the stores search on Google. YouTube is an example for Live Streaming.


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