Why are NodeJs Ecommerce Website Better?

Before we look into Nodejs Ecommerce website, let’s start with a little backstory of most of how E-commerce websites work.

How does an Ecommerce website work?

The finest E-commerce back-ends in the world are designed for scalability, as they are always in in the process of generating, maintaining and delivering the information to the front-end displays of the end user. The back-end of e-commerce application can be both homogeneous and heterogeneous. It primarily comprises of two parts,

  • The database (where the data is stored)
  • A server (That connects the data with browser)
Why are Node.Js Ecommerce Websites Better?

The Trouble:

It’s very difficult to build a scalable and complex e-commerce interface.

The complexity increases when you have to maintain high performance and availability 24×7. Especially when your business analytically depends on elements such as payment gateways, logistics, suppliers, shipping etc. Integrating and implementing most of these activities will slow down your website’s performance, such as load time and uptime.

Hundreds and thousands of requests are instantly directed across the world to carry out such complex queries.

Note that back-end of any application is one of the core parts of any website. The front-end heavily relies on back-end in most of the complex websites. The concept here is simple, the front-end will collapse/fail if the back-end is not there to support it.

The Real Trouble: leisure back-end load time

Improving the performance of the front-end remained the important function for lot of developer. Although the real bottleneck, however is the slow backend load time.

When you have slow back-end load time, users of your website will see a blank white screen, which usually happens when the back-end tasks are not completed. Due to heavy load the back-end load time increases drastically. This can also make the application unstable at certain point.

The back-end load time should not take more than 20% of your total load time. According to Moz A decent back end load time to look for is 200ms or less than that. Slow back-end load time can have serious impact on the website’s Search Engine ranking, so watch out for this one.   

Make Way for the Hero – Nodejs for Ecommerce Website

Nodejs is the best solution for building an e-commerce application, as it guarantees a balance between front-end and back-end load time due to its asynchronous environment.

E-commerce web applications can have a massive catalogue of products, which is why going asynchronous makes a lot of logic. Good news is Nodejs allows Asynchronous programming and make things a breeze for your website, it also gives the ability to tackle synchronized users at a time.

Nodejs for ecommerce websites

Being single threaded and event-driven architecture is the reason behind such beautiful executions which cannot be seen in other conventional web technologies that keep adding threads for every single request. Eventually this gobbles the entire memory until the handling gets over.

Developers of ecommerce websites can make the best use of loop and call-backs for I/O processes available in NodeJs. NodeJs’s event loop capability helps breaking long, time consuming requests into reduced chunks.

When the website is e-commerce, EVERY SECOND MATTERS. Period.

Large number of people abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. A 1-second delay in page response can result in an approximate 7% reduction in conversions.           

Website loading time for ecommerce websites using NodeJs will improve significantly.

Building a Nodejs e-commerce website: what are your options?

We now know what goes behind the scenes when developing a node js e-commerce platform.

The firm has wide range of Nodejs Ecommerce solutions to fuel businesses with ready built iOS & Android Applications.

Webnexs’s Nodejs Ecommerce Platform

Lean Framework

Lean framework enables faster go to market, less time for complex problems and easier up gradation. With Nodejs Systems for ecommerce, it is quick and scalable.

Non I/O Blocking (Non-Thread Based)

The fastest performance can be achieved when the querying thread closes and new threads open for queries every micro-second. With Node.js for Ecommerce for data, user intensive projects, it creates a single thread for larger connections that hits the application without creating newer one and reducing the server resources, thanks to its Asynchronous model.

NPM Module

Explore 100s of module from Nodejs Library. Mongojs / MongoDB, Express.js, Redis cache to warm-up your systems, sockjs for chat systems it has everything to support your ecommerce business. These popular solution that is available makes sure businesses gets the best performance with Node.Js Framework. Name any complexity and we got a library and solution in Nodejs for your ecommerce business.

Server Computations

Node Systems bring down the server side computations to a fraction of that happening with other technology stacks. The result: Save tonnes on server cost.

Highly Scalable, Flexible

Thinking of expanding business from current functioning levels to a newer paradigm? Node.js holds an easier solution to make this happen.

Quick MVP

Like to have an MVP as the phase 1? Need to be on market fast? Test them on the Murky and competitive space to sail the ideas up? Here is the clue – Nodejs.


Build horizontally tonnes of micro-service to support expanding needs. Easy and flexible. Adopt, build and scale anytime with the concept of micro-services faster.

Why Webnexs for NodeJs Ecommerce Development?

  • Adept Technology knowledge
  • Quick Turnaround
  • 10000+ Man hours worked
  • 1 Million+ Customer hits
  • Best Support Tool

Additional Services with NodeJs

Plugins Development

Get any concept into a plugin for the business. Keep ideas fuelled with efficiency into results.

CRM Development

Get the CRM for an E-commerce solution being data intensive and managed by multiple end users to manage inventories, customer records.

Chat Systems

Get Asynchronous chat for ecommerce in the native node.js with sockjs stack. Get faster communications going via your servers. No 3rd parties.

API Development

Develop APIs with JSON and have it pushed direct into JavaScript. Easy and faster.

Cart Integrations in any existing systems

Go quick with your existing solutions, integrate cart for your existing business and sell anywhere, everywhere.

Node.Js Support

Looking for a support engineer for your node projects, we are offering one of the best in-class support solutions for node ecommerce business.

CX / UI for Node Backend

Design the best Customer Experiences (CX) for the business in Node.js.


So that’s all about the reasons for the Nodejs ecommerce website. Here, the Webnexs possess expertise in building Node Js Ecommerce platforms using Lean Framework. In this brief article, we pointed the motives for building an e-commerce web application with Nodejs are the need of the hour.

For your one-stop solution to your E-commerce website development, make sure you check out Webnexs.

Why are NodeJs Ecommerce Websites Better?


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