5 Essential Features for Launching Streaming Platforms in 2021

features for launching streaming platforms in 2023

“CDN_Price_Monetize_Market_Adapt player for your featured streaming platforms” Install your Paramount traits. 

Streaming platforms have enhanced the manifest option for viewers in entertainment services. It attracts netizens for enjoying their leisure time in the OTT industry. The main aim is to get the viewer’s conveniences in their cheer levels. For this, deliver your services in feasible devices and platforms which are more demanded.

Webnexs Solution comes up with 5 necessary features to ensure your streaming platforms are well-organized & structured in a fuel-efficient way.


1. CDN:

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a requisite trait for the streaming platform that regulates your reach. Providing proper content to the apt kind of viewers at the righteous time results in massive success. Utilize multiple CDN tactics will ensure the supreme support in managing the Viewer’s play loads and extending geological user segments.

It is very important in choosing a CDN service range with your content tactics. Focus on regular content distribution and needs for predicting future streaming services demands. Analyze your multiple CDN services consistently for acquiring high-quality experiences.

2. Pricing Strategy: 

Another foremost trait is the Pricing factor. Evaluating the competitive streaming platforms, find your best value for the business by “How you can charge your services?”. The finest scheme is to charge the video content at affordable prices at the beginning stages and based on demand you can increase your subscription levels. 

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Also, You can fix the content collection in the bundled subscription packs. Some of the familiar packs include Subscription, Transactional, Advertising, Pay-Per-View & Hybrid monetization model for your subscribers. 

Conduct market & competitor analysis on a regular basis to engage current patterns of the Video/Audio pricing.

3. Monetization Model:

Monetizing your content in fruitful ways indicates major challenges in the OTT based Industries. Webnexs Solution monetizes your video/Audio content in well-engaged strategized ways based on SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, PPV, and HVOD. 


Subscription Video-on-demand (SVOD) is a subscription-based delivering video content for their viewers to choose their packages. These payments can be collected on a monthly, half-yearly or quarterly basis for the viewer’s convenience. It is compatible with the consumer’s budget for getting more services in a single click.    


Transactional video-on-demand (TVOD) is a model where viewers can buy or rent the content on a pay per view basis. It involves getting content on a specific amount especially for recent release and live scores. It gives more offers and discount rates for watching the premier content. 


Advertising Video-on-demand (AVOD) is an Ad based video content, involves free access to their users for paying attention regarding their ads posted. With the help of online channels, we can publish our content to global audiences. Marketing through Advertising is a commonly used method for grabbing the public’s attention and makes purchase decisions. Ads involve pre-Ads, post-Ads & Mid -Ads.


Pay-per-view (PPV) is a concept that shows broadcasting of paid television and internet services to viewers after purchasing movies/ live shows/ events etc. to view in private telecasts. The broadcaster schedules time of content streamed in their database. Every content has a separate range of pay values, viewers can watch the content based on their choice. Most online streaming platforms have a higher number of pay-per-views as there is an increase in internet users.  


Hybrid Video-on-Demand (HVOD) is a Combination of SVOD, TVOD, AVOD & PPV Platforms. It generates multiple revenue strategies for your business.

4. Marketing:

Produce fascinating marketing Videos & Ads and post it in Social Channels of the OTT platform. It encourages viewers to pay attention to your services. Social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,  Snapchat, and more for targeting your global audience. 

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Keep updating your viewers by posting blogs, videos, images, polls, and questions about their entertainment desires. Major marketing tools include Email Marketing, Offline marketing campaigns, etc.

5. Video Player:

For every streaming application, You must possess a dedicated online video player that works in rapid flow without lags. It delivers a crystal-clear resolution of videos over Internet access and initiates Adaptive Bitrate Streaming for adaptive stream support. 

Launching the OTT platform with easier accessibility helps viewers to navigate. Arrange your content in alphabetical orders for instant search by viewers & allow them to watch the following video. Also, list the contents in specific playlists and classified format. This will enhance the overview of your streaming platform for providing enriched viewers experience.


Featuring and Developing your OTT platform is an enormous task for Platform builders. Opting the efficient technology will help in producing your OTT platform from the beginning and ensure the business to accelerate & meet the superior list.  

Webnexs Solution provides a well organized & structured streaming platform based on patron’s requirements. 


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