8 Marketing Tools to Promote your VOD Platform

8 Marketing Tools to Promote your VOD Platform

Today in this world, many businesses of any sector use video as one of the marketing tools for product promotion, brand awareness, and interaction with their customers. Many businesses now have their VOD platforms for their professional use.

The VOD market industry is a very crowded place at the moment. It becomes challenging for VOD platform drivers to come out on top, so to sort out this competition marketing tool needs to be deployed to promote your VOD platforms to reach more people and generate revenue.

Promote Your VOD Platforms with Webnexs Marketing Tools

Are you looking for innovative ways to market your content and reach a global audience? Look no further than Webnexs, which offer business owners intelligent marketing strategies and tools to help them increase their online video streaming business. With its powerful marketing tools, you can effectively boost your VOD business and get the best results.

Search Engine Optimization 

Only when your VOD platform appears higher on the search results when people search for videos related to your keyword. Then only many people will visit your website and finally convert into customers. Optimizing your VOD platform is the most effective method to reach more people. Optimization requires more study and research on keywords, competitor analysis, creating video thumbnails, sitemaps, rich snippets, and optimizing video metadata 

Sharing it on social media 

Sharing your content on social media platforms helps to create brand awareness and increases traffic to your website. It’s constantly important to be on social media channels as you get related to the target audience and be in contact with your online community. Create social media pages or profiles about your VOD platforms on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn based on your target audience. It helps people to know about your brand and it will ultimately increase engagement in your VOD platform. It is necessary to share at least 2 to 3 posts per day on social media. Social media is all about engagement. Posting engaging posts like quizzes, image posts, question-related posts, and facts is also very important.

Sending Emails 

Sending a personalized email about your products or services according to users’ needs helps in converting a web visitor into a paying customer. Even though email is the oldest technique, it still seems to be effective in generating results. Sending emails regarding offers and coupons, notifications about new feature updates, and new product releases on your VOD platform. The best practice is personalizing every mail you send to your customers. You can also use a variety of bulk emailing campaigns and reach as many people as you want.

Using Analytics Dashboard 

It integrated much more essential to see the best VOD platform with the Analytics dashboard. This analytics gives you a chunk of data about your website visitors by tracking the data of your visitors like where are they coming from, at which day of the week, how long they spend time on your platform, and on which page. It also gives out the details about goals and conversion. By using this data, we can get insights into our visitors. We can target our audience with a better strategic marketing campaign which helps us to reach our goal with fewer efforts.

The Webnexs analytics feature expedites data gathering and analysis. The live dashboard makes it possible to monitor user needs and gain real-time insights. We can also customize metrics to garner specific trends and performance data for content. One has the option to integrate well-known third-party analytical tools such as Google Analytics, Microsoft Analytics, etc.


Coupons, Offers, and Referrals 

People love offers and discounts. Consider your top VOD platforms providing it to people at a discounted price during new movies release or during seasonal sales. There will be an increase in attention from people toward your platforms.

Ensure that your offer is noticed by all so that you should promote it exactly where your audience lies. Giving away Coupons also results in converting users into paying customers like gift coupons during festival seasons. A referral program is also a cost-effective method for easily gaining new customers from existing ones. This can tell existing paying customers to refer our VOD platform to their friends or family. In exchange, existing customers can get an extension for a free subscription period or a discount to a certain amount in the next renewal.

Push Notifications

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push notification

It can easily convert users into paying customers by sending out coupons and discounts, and notifications about the new movie release. Sending notifications at the right time and location-based notifications will serve as a major boost in customer acquisition.

Making connections with other company 

Combining hands with other companies in your industry proves to be beneficial for both of them. Sharing their products in your marketing campaign and your products in their marketing campaign will help to reach a broader audience. Releasing combined products and sharing your content on their website and the campaign will increase your platform brand value, which benefits you in the long run if you are new to the industry.

Pay-per-click and display advertising campaign 

Pay-per-click advertising is a form of online advertising where you pay each time someone clicks on one of your ads. It’s a great way to reach a large, targeted audience quickly and easily, and it’s especially useful if you’re looking to drive traffic to your website. The main advantage of PPC advertising is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, so you can control your advertising costs and make the most of your budget.

The display advertising campaign is making your brand visible to people across the web. It’s creating awareness about your VOD platforms. The main goal is to bring traffic to your website. It can be done with innovative messages, rich media banners, and graphics visuals. Showing engaging video ads on correct publishers will cause a successful campaign.

Wrapping Up

Even though you have all features required for your best VOD platforms and no matter how rich the content is? They must need marketing efforts to reach a global audience. Webnexs VOD solutions with features associated with marketing. It helps in every way to reach the audience, and increase engagement and revenue.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

1. What is VOD marketing strategy?

VOD marketing strategy is a way to reach out and create a direct connection with consumers by enabling them to watch video content from streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime. This helps increase brand awareness, and wide consumer reaches and drives sales of physical goods and digital downloads. 

2. How does SEO help promote a VOD platform?

SEO helps promote a VOD platform by improving the visibility of the platform’s website in search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant keywords. This can drive organic traffic to the website, increasing brand awareness and potential customers for the VOD platform.

3. What is the purpose of PPC advertising for a VOD platform?

The purpose of PPC advertising for a VOD platform is to drive targeted traffic to the platform’s website by placing ads on search engine results pages or other websites. Advertisers pay a fee each time they got on their ad, hence the name “pay-per-click”. This method can quickly drive traffic and increase visibility for the VOD platform.


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