Continue Watching Video Feature On Video On Demand (VOD)

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People spend time watching videos online on VOD platforms as they were not allowed to go out during this pandemic situation. People don’t have many options other than browsing through the internet or watching videos online. Due to this video streaming platforms gained more attraction due to the variety of media content available on a single platform. In VOD services there are many features added to enhance viewers’ experience and engagement such as auto-adjusting video quality, subtitles, push notification and the continue watching feature. In this article, we will just go through what is continue watching feature  is all about 

Continue Watching Video Feature

The main goal of VOD platform is to personalise the experience for the viewers to find related content easily so that they can enjoy watching media content. The main goal of the recommendation content and continue watching feature is to know what the viewers need and display it to the member so that viewers continue to watch once they enter the app or website. Recommendation content is displayed to viewers depending on users interests, genres, language and previously watched content. Recommendation content displays some new shows or shows that the user has never watched before.  

Personalize user experience with continue watching video feature

Continue watching video feature helps in improving customer experience as it helps viewers to watch the video from where they left, as it shows a list of movies or shows that the viewers previously watched along with progress bar and the amount of time remaining. Separate row under continue watching where a list of movies are arranged according to recency of last time each show or movie was played. Continue watching row appears on the home page as it makes it easier for the viewer to find shows they recently watched and they want to resume 

Continue watching feature video is improved by placing continue watching row at top of the home page when the user is more likely to resume with the video and placing continue watching row lower in the home page when the user is likely to watch a new movie or show. Improving the order of recently watched videos within the continue watching row according to user interest to resume the particular show in the current session 

With some prediction analysis  member is likely to resume if he or she

  • partially watched a movie recently 
  • Has been in middle of the tv show or series ie, the user has been spending lot of time watching the show but not yet reached its end
  • Has watched particular show regularly  at the particular time of the day  or with the device  

Keeping this pattern in  mind continue watching row can be pushed to the top of the home page to make it easier for the user to resume the video from where they left once they enter the app

Member is likely to watch a new video if he or she :

  • Has completed watching a movie or all episodes of tv shows
  • Hasn’t watched anything recently
  • Is new to app

For this user pattern, continue watching row is  pushed lower of the home page so that recommended row appears top, the user may find it easier to search  for a new  movie or tv show if the user has never watched it before 

Wrapping Up

Webnexs offers a better continuous watching feature making it easier for the user to jump directly into content from where they stopped earlier as it helps in improving customer engagement and experience. 

Continue watching the row that appears on top of the home page so that the user does not want to waste time scrolling down the home page. 

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