How do SVOD platforms make money in streaming video content?

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According to the Statista report,  It is expected that by 2026, the number of SVoD subscriptions will reach 1459 billion. In addition, the average consumer will pay for 2.14 SVOD subscriptions by 2026 — up from 1.74 subscriptions in 2020.

“There will be 700 million SVOD subscribers by 2026; up by 35% from 518 million at end of 2020,” analyst Simon Murray says. “The 2026 total represents 39% of TV households, increasing from 30% in 2020.” illustrating the increasing demand for Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) services.

This blog will walk you through the SVoD meaning and how do “SVOD” platforms create more income in streaming video content!

What is the SVOD Platform?

Subscription video-on-demand(SVOD) is a subscription-based content delivery system for viewers to choose their packages. Payments can be collected monthly, half-yearly or quarterly basis at per viewers’ convenience. It is compatible with the consumer’s budget for getting more services in a single click. Think of Amazon’s prime video or Netflix which provides entertainment by various levels after subscribing to packaged content

“Observe your niche, viewers’ mindset and offer a subscription package that helps you to make success in SVOD competitive markets.”

The main advantage of SVOD is that it provides a steady and predictable revenue stream, as most viewers retain the service once they have subscribed for the same.  

SVOD Monetization model:

SVOD is a Subscription-based Video-On-Demand where the viewers pay a certain fee to view your content. Viewers can watch the content also they can play, pause, forward and rewind the program whenever they need it.

Benefits of SVOD platforms:

Repeated video content purchases by viewers show the quality and likeness among channels. We can also change our subscription packages based on our preferences. A greater variety of packages is available to attract huge customer databases.

The continuous flow of income: There is constant revenue flow in this subscription model due to recurring subscription fees paid by subscribers monthly or annually to access the content. So that providers get steady revenue that providers can use to offer better-quality content in the future. 

Gaining loyal customers: Building up a loyal customer base helps grow your business and keep viewers by offering them good quality and valuable video content. Loyal customers will refer to this platform, as it helps create a broader audience who is ready to pay for the service.

Customers feel valued: Viewers think they are part of this closed community, as this exclusive video content is not available to anyone. There are no other alternative platforms available to watch the particular video content.

Impact of “SVOD” in the Video streaming field:

SVOD offers unlimited access to viewers streaming video content within a period at varied prices. Viewers will pay for subscription channels to get more entertainment services and collections. Over 160 million homes are using SVOD platforms. Many companies have entered this platform to capture the customer database. Every satisfied viewer is ready to purchase the video packages in a repetitive manner.

SVOD Opportunities in the current growing industry:

With the evolution of digital technology, SVOD platforms are great at making money. It also provides E-learning facilities for internet users to gain knowledge and information. Viewers’ mindset changes frequently and to capture them, it is essential to make promotions and updates. Developing nations are using video streams for generating more revenues


The digital media world only depends on its fans or viewers. Meeting the viewer’s excitement and satisfaction will build the video content more popular.       

Bonxies solution keeps on communicating the benefits, affordability, and reliability of their brand in achieving viewers’ experiences and gaining continued success in SVOD platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. What is SVOD platforms?

 SVOD stands for “Subscription Video on Demand” and refers to a streaming service where users pay a recurring, often monthly, fee in exchange for access to an unlimited selection of digital content. Popular examples include Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and Apple TV+.

2. How does SVOD make money on streaming platforms?

Streaming platforms typically make money through a combination of subscription fees and advertisements. Subscribers pay a monthly or yearly fee to access content, while advertisements are used to monetize non-subscriber viewing. Additionally, streaming platforms may enter into partnerships with other companies or sell exclusive rights for particular movies/shows.

3. How to choose the right OTT provider for your SVOD Platforms?

To create an effective SVOD service, it’s important to find the right OTT platform provider who can provide access levels and customizable solutions at varied price points to ensure that viewers have control over what they watch and when. This also requires having a centralized storing hub for your assets and a tech-stack for delivering content with no buffering.

4. When to Monetize with SVOD Platforms?

You need to use an SVOD approach when broadcasting a body of content your audience would want to access many times. It depends on the price and length of the subscription, which could be defined as streaming your videos once a day or twice a month.
Types of content: Entertainment, education, sports, fitness, and more.


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