Make money online with ecommerce in 2022

How To Make Money Online With Ecommerce Store In 2022?

Confused? Want to how to make money online with an Ecommerce Store?

When most people think to make online, There are a lot of channels that then can opt-in and its potential. Selling products through an online Ecommerce store is considered one of the effective ways to make money.

Make Money Online With Ecommerce Store In 2022

Starting an eCommerce business can let you sell amazing products with the freedom to work that you truly enjoy. Sometimes online eCommerce site will give you the dream potential to reach the perfect profit for your offline business.

Ways to make money online with an ecommerce business website in 2022 is one of the entrepreneurs who had a good physical store with a good amount of sales. Halwakadai owner wants to move his physical store to India’s popular online halwa selling store. As with the less time in hand and wants to start the selling instantly within the budget. While searching for a better and quicker eCommerce platform, they came to us with the above requirement.

Make money online with ecommerce website in 2022

Webnexs eCommerce solution is one of the popular products which is mainly created for the customer who is looking for customizable and secured eCommerce online store at very affordable price. Let us see how we helped halwakadai to reach its dream potential by our Webnexs.

We partitioned the strategy into three main courses based on The Technology, Support, and Marketing plan.

Technology That Helps To Make Money Via Ecommerce business

The Internet is moving towards high-class technology day by day. Keeping up with the updated Tech is a challenging part while it comes to online web-store. But webnexs wcomm has been a made up with up to the dated technology.  With Wcomm you can do an astonishing task with very little or no efforts.

You can manage multiple tasks automatically in wcomm. Manage your products and categories with unlimited products and categories management. Some web-store using wcomm have successfully tried to add more than 60K products in its inventory and running smoothly.

Customer and order management is one more plus point. has up to 200K users in the database. They are managing each of them manually by grouping them based on their profile and permission with customer management.

Halwakadai is updating its database and products regularly. A regular update is needed for this store as they don’t want to lose any information that was added to the site. Wcomm has secured automated backing up which takes backup in a timely manner.

The next issue we faced to manage the heap of orders that halwakadai will receive. With webnexs, you can process your order either manually or automatically way.

The wcomm order management dashboard is filled with all required features for managing your orders like the name of the customers and location of the customer, shipping address, and many more. They can also manage coupons and deals codes in the order management dashboard.

In the recent analytical report, we found has visitors too many mediums. It became a challenge to make the halwa store viewable to all of its customers. We planned to make the be responsive so that users can purchase the product without any problem.

Above are the few vital technologies that have been useful for Lets we see about other features that they received from webnexs for their business.

The Support

Whether you are a professional geek or a total rookie for the online business, webnexs will stand on your back to run your online business. We provided whole one-year support towards their business till we found that they are stable to run it without any assistance.

We provided support to them through live chat, Phone Support, Live Training, and a complete support document. They received our support 24/5 throughout the year.

The Marketing Strategy To Make Money Online

Although halwakadai is an established store, it required a boost up for its digital presence. Webnexs had a better solution to increase their potential through digital marketing.

We’ll folloW various strategies like Email Marketing,  On-Page optimization like Meta information, ALT tags, Content Optimization, an Image Optimization, Organic search terms PPC, and many more. Webnexs helped to increase its potential up to 3 times the normal range with the time frame of 3-4 months.

The Final Success

Halwakadai is now a happy customer and the owner is proud that they chose webnexs over other brands. We gave the perfect solution at the right time. Today wcomm script wcomm can handle up to 200K traffics and thousands of checkouts daily without any problem.

Not only but 35+ other customers are recommended webnexs wcomm. If you’re looking the build an eCommerce store, contact us for a suitable eCommerce plan based on your budget and business need.

Make Money Online With Ecommerce Store In 2022


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