What is the MERN stack and why it is the best to fit for web development?

Why MERN stack is the best fit for all industries web development today?

As we all know the MERN stack is growing insanely popular and the performance is immense whilst compared with other various tech stacks. In this blog, we are exactly going to find out why most people prefer using the MERN stack for web development.

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MERN Stack is one of the JavaScript stacks which is designed for the enhancement of the development process. It is a combination of the four components namely MongoDB, Expressjs, ReactJS, and Nodejs. All these four components are used for end-to-end framework development. 


What is MERN stack and why it is best fit for web development


MongoDB is a NoSQL database. It is a document-oriented database. Unlike the relational database, there are no tables and columns present in the MongoDB. MongoDB stores data with a much flexible document using JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) – based query language. The productivity and the time required in fetching data is insanely better than the  Relational Database Management System(RDBMS).


Express js is a framework for Nodejs, and it is used to develop web applications and API with incredible speed and minimalized structure. Express takes off the hassle to write the same code over and over again for the server as you would with the Nodejs HTTP module.

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ReactJS is a JavaScript library created by Facebook for building user interfaces of the web pages. React views are declarative thus it makes developing the interfaces much productive. Using React the same code can be run simultaneously on both the browser and the server.

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React uses A full-featured programming language instead of relying on templates to create a conditional DOM element. React is the feature that’s defining MERN stack from MEAN stack. As in MEAN Stack, Angular js will be used instead of React.


Nodejs works using its own module system called CommonJs, in other words, multiple JavaScript files. It was launched in 2008 by google, and it is built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. It provides better scalability and productivity while compared to other popular techs, and it can execute the JavaScript code even outside a browser.

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  • ReactJS’s component-based approach offers the feature like reusability of codes that ensures faster and easier app development.
  • MERN stack also supports the Model View Controller architecture which allows a smooth and seamless development process.
  • Due to the implication of ReactJS, it becomes a great framework to run the same code on both the browser and the server.
  • MERN stack comes with some pre-built set of testing tools for app development.
  • It comes with a robust active community that is completely open-source. 
  • This stack particularly very self-sufficient.
  • It takes all the development related responsibilities throughout the development cycle(i.e. form front-end development to the back-end development)

I hope that by this time you would have some basic knowledge about MERN Stack and why most people prefer using it.

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