Top 10 Useful Nodejs Packages For Web Development in 2022

Nodejs packages help in the web development to a large extent, let’s have a clear picture of the top 10 most useful Nodejs packages for web development in this blog.

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Nodejs is a pioneer in the asynchronous run-time environmental framework market. The Nodejs platform supports a major portion of startups and enterprises that are earning millions of dollars in revenue in each financial year. It establishes itself as a platform that can sustain a heavy load of input seamlessly and retains smooth performance.

Perhaps, the biggest library of modules that act as a support system in the development process of web and mobile applications. It is not going to stop any time soon; it’s the exact as the forthcoming projects continue to push out frequent updates, and maintains old releases in its database to support older and outdated platforms at times.

Nodejs packages help in the improvement of your web development workflow and work model and get the most out of your development time to be the most potential developers among your peer.

Let’s discuss the huge list of those packages below,

Top 10 Nodejs packages for web development in 2022

Top Nodejs packages for developers


GraphicsMagick is a highly acclaimed tool for manipulating visual content on the web. Now, one can use GraphicsMagick within Nodejs projects to optimize and manipulate visual content. It also may be used to resize, rotate, sharpen, color reduce, or add special effects to an image and save the result in the same or different image format.


JOI is a module for the data validation process. It helps to validate any kind of data from simple scalar data types such as strings, numbers, etc to complex values consisting of several levels of objects and arrays. It also ensures to structure a required format as some data in the application that comes from an unknown source. This particular package helps to make any application more stable and reliable in checking related inputs.


Moment.js is an open-source JavaScript library and JavaScript development tool that eliminates the need to use the JavaScript Date object directly. It supports some variety of features, such as relative and calendar time, duration and lingual support. Also, supports several add-ons plugin features like time-zone support, recurrence, integration and other tools for manipulating Dates in JavaScript. It enables us to edit and validate the format of dates and times. 


Bower is a package manager in Nodejs that deployed for front-end like NPM used in trending open source and closed source projects to solve many recurrent issues. Also, It is great at managing packages that manage various entities such as CSS frameworks (Bootstrap), libraries (jQuery) and JavaScript frameworks (Angular). It is good at supporting developers in several ways:

  • Solving repetitive issues
  • Manage multiple packages


WebPack allows you to use the number of modules in your project, without worrying about their locations and performance. As its name itself implies, it comes with all the available modules in separate JavaScript, CSS, and HTML files that allocates a workspace for the browser to carry a specified process. This package allows splitting, bundle and allocates code as you like.


Lodash is an important module among other Nodejs packages, that acts as a JavaScript library which is great in proving utility functions for usual programming tasks. It uses a functional programming paradigm that contains some tools to simplify programming with arrays, numbers, objects, strings, functions and. Features that make the lodash to stand out are:

  • Simplifying programming tasks
  • Helps to save coding time

SOCKET.IO is just happened to get early access to the Nodejs package that allows you to build a truly real-time communication application that would require real-time streams of data content, either directly from the data that you are working with, or through an Application programming interface(API) that comes from another source. Some example apps like Twitter, they deployed a bot for collecting the latest tweets and on Facebook, bot for watching the news, thus with the combinations of APIs to explore some interesting things that work with data in real-time.


Commander package helps in crafting an application or a project that requires a command-line interface. It provides a great solution for creating command-line interfaces without any hinder.


It is a static analysis tool written in JavaScript that enables developers to detect potential bugs in their JavaScript code. This module scans programs source code and reports against the common errors and potential bugs. And it is so flexible, thus it enables developers not to code in particular coding style.


Sending an email is one of the most important add up things that you will do with your apps. Because email is considered a big deal because it consists of secured conversations and some important drafts. So providing a safe and secure way of email transactions is essential to your reputation. Thus, the NodeJS comes with an in-built Nodemailer package, a secure email management framework to manage emails within your Nodejs applications.

Conclusion – That’s all about Nodejs packages

In summary, Nodejs packages improve the overall web development process and work model in web applications. With the implication of such astonishing packages, it reaches all levels of application scaling.

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