Top 5 reasons to choose Node.js for web application

Top 5 reasons to choose Nodejs for web applications

Let’s deeply discuss the top 5 reasons to choose Nodejs for web application in this blog.

Many smaller ventures and startups follow their lead and leverage the technology in building web applications. So choosing a web application development platform that fits your business requirements is a challenging task for any startups. Developers need to consider multiple platforms and select one that fulfills project needs as extensively as possible. A typical evaluation practice must be able to answer the following questions:

  • Does the platform have a good support community?
  • Is fast application development possible?
  • Can the platform provide essential features for the project?
  • How scalable it is?

Well renowned enterprises like NASA, PayPal, GoDaddy, Netflix are evident of the fact that the Nodejs has some phenomenal benefits for small to enterprises level of web application development. Its prime perks like high agility, reduced time-to-market, dynamic applications, and APIs have helped Nodejs development famous in the field of business web and mobile applications.

Nodejs is a runtime environment that enables you to write server-side applications in JavaScript. It’s unique I/O model excels in the sort of scalable and real-time application development. It’s also super-efficient, lightweight, ability to use JavaScript on both frontend-backend opens every scope for development. There is no surprise that so many big companies have leveraged Nodejs in enterprise-level web and mobile applications.

In this article, we discuss the major reasons for Nodejs in web application development,


Top 5 reasons to choose Nodejs for web applications


Nodejs has fantastic features when it comes to developing applications such as real-time communication and server-based gaming apps. It is also great for the programs that need an event-based server, and a non-blocking based server as well and set off even the much-needed platform for real-time web application development.

And becoming the only platform that allows creating multi-user real-time apps made possible with the integration process between the client-server-side which enables fast and organized enough to communicate in real-time at the high speed.


Nodejs framework has surely surpassed the various perks of Java and other platforms in the field of business web app development.  Among the various perks, one of the main perks of the Nodejs platform is its higher performance. Its capabilities in the development process are great as compared to other competitive platforms.

As seen in the various statistical experiment by PayPal, an online payment company successfully reduced the response time of its application by considerable percent due to Nodejs mobile and web app development solution.

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As the developers all over the world knew that these outstanding modules are delivered by the large open source community that makes the Nodejs application even more popular. Some modules that enable constant communication between the client and the server. In real-time it allows the server to send updates to the clients which in turn used to form the links.

 A large and active community of developers who keep on continuously contributing to its development and supported by the dense developer community. This particular technology will last longer in the future with better efficiency and will come up with more applications.

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Easy of development is a must-to-have feature by any web application platform. Parameters like uniformity, readability, and consistency in rendering code, Nodejs allows developers to write APIs in a really quick and seamless way. You may build lots of APIs based on the user application where it is believed to function with the infrastructure.

With Nodejs as the documentation, upscaling/downscaling and altering the code becomes easy for developers. Using Nodejs will payback as your API and apps will gain traction for its integration capabilities to conventional and standard tools which ease the whole application development process.


The amount of time in which a server responds is very important. While testing in the middle might influence the performance to the core. And it acts as the foundation for reply time from the server. The advantage of using Nodejs over another development platform is, found to match the speed of response from another platform.

As a result, developers find themselves free to focus on writing the code and deploying it just as quickly. Also, an important factor that pulls developers into Nodejs’s side because it uses the same language for both front-end and back-end. So that no need to search for alternate between the two.

Final words

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