7 types of web and mobile applications that can be build with nodejs

7 types of web applications that can be build with Nodejs

We all will have the same question in common that, What are the types of web applications build on Nodejs? Here in this blog, we tried to list out them for you.

Considering Nodejs for building a variety of web applications. Since it is an open-sourced cross-platform, especially a run-time environment that executes JavaScript codes in a browser from a dedicated location. This makes the web page more dynamic than ever. The features of Nodejs have many surprising functionalities and modules that are quite popular among developers.

It is possible to build simple and highly dynamic sites that offer a top-notch experience, both to the developers and users. Since Nodejs is event-driven, it seems very appealing for building fast-paced multiple functional applications with a great level of reliability and scalability.

Why one should consider Nodejs for various kinds of web and mobile applications?

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Here are the possible reasons for such a flawless performance of Nodejs in the development process:

  • It’s Google V8 JavaScript engine has clear benefits in building scalable and fast web apps. 
  • Most developers are convenient with JavaScript. Nearly 99 out of 100 developers know “some” JavaScript.
  • The collection of modules in Nodejs speeds up the productivity of the developer’s work.
  • It enables us to use the same coding language on both front-end and back-end, which cut downs the overall development cost.

In this article, Lets witness how Nodejs can be used efficiently in the making of different kind of applications with its various prime features, 

Types of web applications With Nodejs

Types of Nodejs application

Internet of Things

IoT (Internet of Things) is a network of devices such as sensors, beacons, actuators, and any other internet-based devices synced with electronic gadgets that enable us to send/receive and exchange data.

In general, IoT systems pass data over devices to servers and from servers to applications and that resultant process will display to the users.  IoT consists of thousands of such devices to manage requests and data streams between the devices.

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When the IoT rose popularity dramatically among the users, Nodejs has become one of the best-fit solutions for enterprises and organizations which in need to develop their private and public IoT systems.

Real-Time communication apps

A real-time communication app is an online communication tool or application that provides lively transmission of text, video, audio, and other multimedia messages from a sender to a receiver. These chats may be in different forms like one-to-one communication built on an instant messaging (IM) system.

To build a live-chat application all you have to do is install the socket.io library on the server-client, then create event emitters and broadcasters that will push message data across the WebSockets open connection.

In recent days, real-time chats are widely used in social channels, online store sites, and in many more sites on the Web.

Single-Page Applications

Single-Page Applications are a popular approach to web development in which the whole application fits on a single page with the aim of providing a seamless user experience the same as the desktop applications.

Nodejs is so powerful that even can build a reliable web application framework that provides a set of features to develop mobile and web applications. Application programming interface shared across various environments and applications to reduce the server load. Node Express and Nodejs framework enable you to make use of the routing method in order to create SPAs.

Real-Time Collaboration Tools

Real-time collaboration applications offer a wide variety of software solutions in different entities. Like co-browsing, video and audio conferencing, application sharing, collaborative editing of documents, and more. Some of the most famous collaborative applications such as Slack(group chats), Trello(project management), and Google Docs(document creator) built on Nodejs.

Nodejs’s event API will ensure that heavy input/output operations performed by random users. It protects from the slowing down of server-side events and fixes in the same instance of time. Nodejs will also update the collaborative environment at the same time so that all users have a single and similar representation of the application.

Streaming apps

Streaming applications are the multimedia channel application which receives and present video data to the end-users over streaming technology. Application streaming allows for downloading parts of the application on demand. Without too much network traffic overhead, server events can update any local applications.

Stream instances are basically Unix pipes that allow transmitting parts of the app’s executable code to the local machine. Each connection open for new components to download on demand. Streams allow users to stream directly to their final destination with a simple pipe request. 

Creative applications

Nodejs is well known for its ability in building creative applications for design purposes.  Using these creative applications, multiple users from multiple locations can explore their artistic talent. And to express it on the same. expressions on the same drawing board simultaneously.

There are many inspiring tools for drawing and sketching which attract a lot of artists, both beginners, and veterans. This can be done for an indefinite period, provided the user accesses the drawing application on the web browser. This feature allows connecting different artists on the same platform. It also improves interaction among artists and indirectly causes the talents to flourish.


With the use of Nodejs, many world tech giants start to build various types of web applications. There are countless modules and command-line applications with functional tools that ease the deploying process. Other features including designing web frameworks, documentation, and file systems that control the flow of information in real-time.

If you’re planning to build Nodejs based web applications, Contact us without any hesitation.


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