Top 5 Traits That Develop An E-learning Platform More Associated?

Top 5 Traits that develop an E-learning platform more associated

Top 5 Traits that develop an E-learning platform more associated

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“Transcode_CDN_Mobile App_Analytics_Monetize your E-learning contents/courses” – 5 emerging features are here!!

Learning transforms its structure in electronic technology for reaching intercontinental student’s smart displays. Crystal clear resolution of videos & streaming services assists in intellectual ways of the learning process through online courses and experts suggestions and makes the students more knowledgeable to a wider extent across their geolocation far away from any borderline. This event is majorly described as Elearning.

“On-demand is not just for entertainment”

Video on Demand solution is a public terminology or slang nowadays that plays a major role in the entertainment industry. Video-based learning has made a drastic revolution in this industry. Teachers to approach the students or learners globally use this e-learning environment thereby enhancing the growth of the Education industry. In-turn students make use of this platform to reach the best teachers worldwide and develop their skills beyond geographical boundaries.

Internet-based education and learning programs are possible with adopting an enhanced streaming server with easily navigated functionalities. Some of the extensive features include a smooth coherence, unique courses, evaluation, analytics, and monetization, etc. for sprinting your E-learning platform more effectively.

By accepting & selecting a well-manipulated video streaming platform for eLearning sites can be critical in expecting fundamental & technical knowledge. Webnexs Education Streaming Solutions provides tailor-made contents for Elearners in distributing entire information & knowledge with special universal features.


Transcoder & Encoder:

Transcoder helps your e-learning platforms in streaming the Video/Audio contents or online courses smoothly in managing the internet connectivity & device resolution. After uploading the video files, a well-efficient transcoder transforms the video contents into different kinds of resolution for maintaining the frequent video flow by eliminating bad internet situations and displaying errors.

Another essential factor is combining the Encoder option on your platform. Encoder pushes your correlated source of content and remodels them into electronic format. Choosing an advanced & specialized encoding software for your platform delivers the videos instantly.

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Content Delivery System (CDN), another important element in delivering your E-learning platform or video streaming website productively.

In general, CDN disperses your content to viewers with the best quality and rejects the buffering or lagging issues. Adopting a powerful CDN for your streaming business will deliver a fluent way of conveying the videos.

Mobile Application:

Nowadays, Mobile devices are commonly used by the universal audience and they are comfortable with streaming of video content at round-the-clock services. It encourages higher interaction in E-learning sites via mobile devices and designed applications for learning purposes.

It is a great strategy in developing an adorable mobile application for distributing your learning portal. Easy Accessibility of learners in mobile devices will bring more traffic to your E-learning pages.

Webnexs Video Solution provides an entirely white-stamped authorized application at the snippet of convention progress price.

Analytics & Reporting:

Analytics plays a vital role in the Video-based or E-Learning industry. Utilizing analytics, you can trace the execution of all video files or online courses at a specific time period and observe what kinds of content are steering more revenues.

It analyzes the viewer’s behaviors and preferences regarding the learning programs. It deals with the site’s performance relevant to annual revenue reports, content production, viewers likeability, and more.


After all the efforts, monetize Your E-learning platform on the right path. Webnexs Solution focuses on monetizing your video content in fruitful ways to earn higher revenues to content producers/ builders in dealing with 5 effective revenue models –  SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, OTT, and PPV.


Combining all these essential elements for your eLearning platform makes successful business engagement. Dedicated technical teamwork, some volume of the amount in technology & resources will arrive for more learners for your platform.

Webnexs VOD Solution accommodates with initiating Tech-Learning platforms for reaching comprehensive learners and convey on-demand & live streaming educational Video/Audio contents and courses without any disruptions.


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