What Is Video Transcoding? Why It is Important For Streaming ?



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“Raw file_Encode_Transcode_Bitarate_Device Support –  Make your Ready-made Video content for the stream with Transcoding process”

Video Encoding:

After the production of video, We have to convert the raw file into digital formats. Because these raw files do not support or distribute on different devices. So, all the video files need to be compressed in the particular digital formats compatible to be stored and played in the Viewers devices

The process of video compression for creating ready-made files to viewers is made by the encoder for delivering compatible content with supportive device formats is called encoding.

Encoding is the process of converting raw videos into a compressed &  digitally compatible format. After the encoding process, the fresh compressed file is distributed and played in mobile, desktop or TV players.

Video Transcoding:

Video transcoding is the conversion of video contents from one digital encoding format to another format. It involves the transaction of all three elements for arriving the final digital video content i.e File format, Video, and Audio.

Encoding process involves the “alteration” of unconverted raw video files to the desired format, But transcoding involves the process of “deconverting or decoding” the specific video file from one format to an unconverted format, then encoding the unconverted video files to a “reconverted and desired” format.

Video transcoding is generally made because the video files are being converted and supported in different file formats. Webnexs Streaming solution delivers tailor-made video content with trio T’s: Transcoding, Transrating, and Transizing.

A simple explanation of trio T’s:

Transcoding: A simple term for taking a compressed/encoded file and decompressing/decoding it to alter it in another format. The manipulated file is then recompressed for delivery.

Transrating: Change the bitrate of the altered file to assist different connection speeds. This also includes changing the frame rate or resolution.

Transizing: Resize the video frame or resolution for displaying on different screens.

Transcoding Vs Transmuxing:

Transmuxing refers to as “repackaging or wrapping”, a process of Audio/Video files that are repackaged into different formats without altering the file’s contents. The primary function of transmuxing is to change the delivery format of Video/Audio files also protecting the original content.

In fact, transmuxing is similar to transcoding, it is generally considered to be thinner and requires fewer procedures because it does not modify the unconverted, Raw Video/Audio source.


Reach to final viewers efficiently:

The Highlighting Feature of transcoding is that you can increase your content to a wide reach of your audiences.

Optimize Video Quality:

Make available of your video contents in different resolutions powered by the adaptive bitrate video player. Viewers can opt for their quality, Whether they are having a fast internet connection can receive very high-resolution videos meanwhile those having slower network connections can access lower-quality videos. In fact, the video quality is fair but it will reduce buffering issues.


Multiple Format Support:

With transcoding, you can convert your video stream into different formats. This process is useful because when you are streaming content that actually supports certain formats.


Webnexs Streaming Solution supports Mechanized Transcoding I.e you can upload your video files in the different file formats like MP4, 3GP, MPG, etc. and supports higher resolution like 4K & 8k also our Specialized Transcoding engine will engage in converting various formats for Watching in our Mobiles, Tablets & Desktops.


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