Why FMCG Leaders Bet Big on eCommerce?

We know for a fact the lock-downs are on and off, as the COVID cases raise up in selective areas, the lock-downs are getting highly localized. Everyone, if not, a large number of people use eCommerce websites to get their essentials and products delivered to them.

Smart FMCG industry leaders want to captivate this opportunity and fine tune their customer experience by providing that extra mile delivery.

In the later part of the article we’ll see how Node Js commerce platforms can

Why Now?

There has been expert findings that the third wave is likely to hit us in the later part of the year. So eCommerce is here to stay for a while, Industry leaders are trying to increase exposure to eCommerce platforms with more accessible products, pushing stocks and faster replenishment of them ensuring the demands stay undisrupted.

Strategies Companies Trying to Use:

Adapting to localised strategy applying all the lessons learnt from the first and second wave of COVID. Companies now started to deliver essentials directly to the consumers with the help of seamless supplies. This will have low impact on the supply chains in the markets where the curfews are intermittent.

The Problem:

It’s very difficult to build a scalable and complex e-commerce interface.

The complexity increases when you have to maintain high performance and availability 24×7. Especially when your business analytically depends on elements such as payment gateways, logistics, suppliers, shipping etc. Integrating and implementing most of these activities will slow down your website’s performance, such as load time and uptime.

Note that back-end of any application is one of the core parts of any website. The concept here is simple, the front-end will collapse/fail if the back-end is not there to support it.

When you have slow back-end load time, users of your website will see a blank white screen, which usually happens when the back-end tasks are not completed. Due to heavy load the back-end load time increases drastically.

This can also make the application unstable at certain point. This will definitely make consumers leave the site, in a blink of an eye.

Here’s Where Node Js Ecommerce Solution Excels:

When the website is eCommerce, EVERY SECOND MATTERS. Period.

Node Js is the best solution for building an e-commerce application, as it guarantees balance between front-end and back-end load time due to its asynchronous environment. Website loading time for ecommerce websites using Node Js will improve significantly.

Node Js Ecommerce Platform by Webnexs:

Wide range of Node Js Ecommerce solutions to fuel businesses with ready built iOS, Android Apps and APIs.

Highly Scalable, Flexible –

Thinking of expanding business from current functioning levels to a newer paradigm? Node.js holds an easier solution to make this happen.

Lean Framework –

Lean framework enables faster go to market, less time for complex problems and easier up gradation.

Non I/O Blocking (Non-Thread Based) –

Reduces the server resources, thanks to Node Js’s Asynchronous model.

NPM Module –

Name any complexity and we got a library and solution in Node Js for your ecommerce business.

Server Computations –

Save tonnes on server cost.

Why Webnexs?

  • Adept Technology knowledge
  • Quick Turnaround
  • 10000+ Man hours worked
  • 1 Million+ Customer hits
  • Best Support Tool

Closing in:

Large consumer facing companies should opt for last mile deliveries to customers directly, stepping up their online presence strengthening the relationship with consumers in these gloomy days. Webnexs’s Node Js eCommerce solutions helps with adept technology knowledge to transform lives.

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