Ecommerce Business Statistics: Facts And Trends Of 2023

Ecommerce stats, facts to view and trends to follow in 2022

Ecommerce business statistics are looking astonishing, not based on the success story we heard, but on the eCommerce business statistics collected various times, say, 2018,2019,2021, and 2022. It is completely evident that more and more people are buying products and services online. 

This becomes a fire-like motivation for all your eCommerce business and that’s why many entrepreneurs, businesses, and companies are readily putting effort into starting an eCommerce business.

Ecommerce Business Statistics: Facts And Trends

What actually drives these eCommerce business statistics? Nothing but the eCommerce sales opportunity alone took the online business into a new space.

It wouldn’t be great I don’t tell you promising eCommerce statistics of 2023 before going all the way to know the whole picture, it is:

“We must be sure, that, by 2040 about 94% of purchases will be carried over online”

Here in this blog, we go deep into some research on eCommerce business statistics and trends in 2023 that are to be followed in 2023 in order to be super successful.  

Some quick eCommerce business statistics and facts in 2023 to go through:

  • Though the eCommerce sector growing 22% every year, more than 40% of small businesses in America still don’t have their own eCommerce site.
  • About 72% of online shoppers rely on their consumers rely on their social networks and product reviews to make their online purchase decisions.
  • Ecommerce stores with multiple social media presence will have nearly 2.65x more sales than those that fail to have one.
  • Studies show that more than 92% of internet users around the globe have purchased products online in the past.
  • About 60% of eCommerce businesses have gained a 747% increase in revenue via Segmented email campaigns.
  • Nearly 68% of all online purchases made with mobile applications, irrespective of geographical locations.

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Ecommerce Business Statistics, Facts, and Trends of 2023

Ecommerce Business statistics of 2022

Magento eCommerce solutions power 40% of the online store on the internet today

According to studies, Magento 2 platform is the most popular, simple yet powerful, and trusted online platform to build eCommerce websites, holding a record of 40% of the whole eCommerce market today to its account, while Shopify is next to it with 28% and WIX, ready-made solution has an 18% market share. 

As of now, there are 24 million eCommerce business websites available globally for online purchases

You would even think that’s not a piece of great news, but you know what Amazon isn’t the only online shopping website in the world to buy, there are many out there still chosen by shoppers, and one more thing, there’s always room available for your own online business. If you’ve got an idea to create an eCommerce website, without any second thought, go for it and consult an expert today. 

Statistics say in 2040, most of all retail purchases will happen on eCommerce platforms with 95%

Soon or later, the shopping cart in our real will go out of our sight, nearly to nonexistence, as its interaction with our purchase become irrelevant. If the eCommerce sector goes at the same pace, definitely by 2040, most of the online shoppers will buy from the eCommerce platform. 

About 71% percent of eCommerce traffic and 86% of eCommerce sales come from Google

All thanks to organic searches, says many eCommerce store owners – In fact more than 70% of eCommerce web traffic and 80% of sales comes from Google organic, along with 20% and more on  PPC Google Ads. But wait, you still have many other search engines like Yandex, Bing, DuckDuckGo are out there to focus and boost sales. 

82% of Internet users in the United States have used their smartphone to shop online

As everyone has their own smartphones in their hands, naturally it influences them to search, find, and buy online. This is why purchases on mobile apps keep rising every year. 8 out of 10 people who use the internet in the United States have purchased online using their smartphone via eCommerce mobile app. These reasons have influenced many business owners to develop an eCommerce mobile app to scale better because it is the way to improve business sales.

Many, nearly 72% of the users, will stop purchasing online with a brand or company if they feel that they literally don’t care about them

Yes, numbers are big, and it would even count higher if any brand or company doesn’t care about their online buyers. How to avoid such downfalls? Simple, companies should be connected with shoppers with effective tools like chatbots, personalized content, and thank you emails that will boost customer loyalty and reduce the possibility of leaving the site.

Personalization and Localization helps companies to hit 4X more sales, shows the ecommerce statistics of year 2023

Here the eCommerce personalization is the best practice to bring an intuitive and futuristic shopping experience for each customer who visits the shopping site. So there are many ways to offer the personalized recommendation to customers – based on their search query, search engine behavior, purchase history, and geolocation. To date, about 22% of online shoppers reported that they all well-satisfied with the personalization they’re been enjoying. Hence, after implementing personalization, 93% of companies see a rise in conversion rates.

Due to the strong presence, about 74% of consumers completely rely on their social networks

As social platforms started to provide wholesome information about a product or service, it becomes a perfect place to learn it deeply for people who seek just information, buyers who look for a better product to shop for. Also, these social networks act as the review community, others reading through it would definitely go with the right product with the best reviews. This is why online shoppers rely on social sites to make the right purchase decision. 

61% of shoppers prefer to be connected by ecommerce companies via email newsletters

Email marketing is the best and most effective way to expand and approach the shoppers’ world about the new products and services. Brands and companies can contact consumers via email, as everyone these days has their own email address. By informing consumers with every $1 spent, even yield $30 for a huge ROI margin. Hiring an expert email marketing might help you to set up a quick email campaign and increase your shopping site’s ROI faster than any other marketing method. 

Most eCommerce buyers, that is 70% of shoppers from foreign websites

Recent studies show that about 70% of online shoppers purchase from foreign websites with a total agreement of sellers that cross-border trade has been profitable for them with much as 1,000% after expanding their marketplace presence. Here all credits go to drastic international eCommerce expansion which took product and services of the particular platform to reach every hand of online shoppers around the world. 

85% of online shoppers read reviews on eCommerce business website before making an actual purchase 

Product reviews on eCommerce websites are the resource to find the quality and authenticity of any products and services. Shoppers online tend to compare the retailers based on their product reviews, so in order to stand out from the crowd, make sure your website contents are updated and serving the till date information to the user, and never forget to reply to any of your business reviews.

B2B ecommerce statistics are in great progress, dominating the B2C segment

B2B ecommerce is in faster pace growth by marketing, selling, and distributing products and services across the continents from one business to another business. Hence, the B2B segment was expected to outbreak all retail sectors by generating $8.68 trillion in 2023, overtaking the B2C market of market sales of $3.87 trillion. So there is no wonder, B2B eCommerce will surely spend more of their budget on eCommerce technology than online retailers.

Some popular eCommerce marketplace website that holds most retail sales in 2023

There is nothing surprising here, Amazon stands here too with its high volume of visitors since it’s one of the Fortune 500 companies, and largest among eCommerce businesses. But one sure shot thing about Amazon is, it gets more visitors than the following three eCommerce business websites combined.

  • Amazon –  2.5 billion monthly visitors;
  • eBay – 940 million monthly visitors;
  • Walmart –  450 million monthly visitors;
  • Craigslist – 420 million monthly visitors; and
  • Etsy – 352 million monthly visitors.

On track internet, retail minutes were spent with – 44% on mobile, 11% on tablets, and 45% on desktop

Due to the increase in mobile users, the time spent online by the shoppers doubled in recent years by overtaking desktop users by 45%.  This made it mandatory to split the user base into two broad segments, mobile users and desktop users.

Online orders increase by 60% due to COVID-19

No one is sure about the influence of the Corona pandemic in other sectors, but it has impacted the eCommerce industry to a great extent with the average items per order in these times has increased drastically by 60%. Also, recent studies show that more people, that is, 45% of consumers got exposed to new brands that they haven’t tried before. We hope online shopping is the only thing that made people feel positive in the pandemic.

Studies state that about 83% of consumers prefer free shipping from eCommerce business site

As said before, 83% of online shoppers urge free shipping from an eCommerce service provider than faster shipping. Also, many eCommerce experts have mentioned approximately 70% of consumers abandon their cart due to high shipping fees. So it is better to offer free shipping to their shoppers as “Free” is a powerful notion that pulls buyers to the site and considers it as a good deal. 

About 60% of mobile shoppers choose to buy via mobile apps than on mCommerce websites in 2023

About 64% of the online shoppers prefer to purchase through mobile apps than on mCommerce websites. Mobile user statistics are booming in recent years, no one should underestimate the power of mobile apps in an eCommerce business. Once if you can design and develop a stunning eCommerce app, you could gain major traction for your online business. Simply, scaling your app to 10,000 downloads translates to more than $1 million in revenue per quarter.

Major countries spend $1600 billion on online, it’s a whopping ecommerce statistics

You can see that this one is the best considered as eCommerce statistics of 2023 like many countries spending hundreds of millions of dollars on online business alone. Currently, China tops the list with $672 billion, of countries that spend billions in eCommerce, followed by the US at $340, and the UK with $99.

Here is the top 10 countries list who spend billions in eCommerce business:

  1. China – $672 billion
  2. United States – $340 billion
  3. United Kingdom – $99 billion
  4. Japan – $79 billion
  5. Germany – $73 billion
  6. France – $43 billion
  7. South Korea – $37 billion
  8. Canada – $30 billion
  9. Russia – $20 billion
  10. Brazil – $19 billion

Average order value made via social media is around $52

While many wondered how one could sell products via social media back in the day, but today eCommerce had seen such huge expansion in association with social media. Like everyone, there is the chance to guess that Facebook is getting more order value than any other social channels. But Instagram has proved that it’s totally wrong to underestimate it in this case, it has $65.00 on average as the value per order, followed by Facebook with $55, Twitter with $46, and YouTube with $38. Don’t ever ignore your eCommerce business’s social presence, try to hit on every target as you can do it.

Wrapping up

Understanding the demographics of customers who are using eCommerce and ongoing trends of this sector will definitely drive revenue for any eCommerce company, it’s possible to untap the potential million-dollar marketplace business opportunity. 

Huge number of eCommerce statistics in 2023 and strong estimated growth in eCommerce can have you a grand take off in online business if you choose to go with. 

To be frank, you’re going to find it difficult to succeed in the eCommerce business if you refuse to adapt to the evolving online buyer’s interests, purchase behavior, and some relevant statistics.  

If you’re looking to boost the sales and revenue of your online business, investing in an online platform is the top priority investment option that you can pick. The faster you’re to make a switch, the sooner you reach your best position on the eCommerce market. 

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